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Make the most of your cloud provision

The cloud transition is in its end game. Over 80% of businesses are either deploying to or have already fully embraced the cloud. The good news is a wealth of unprecedented opportunity for cloud solution providers. The challenge is a dynamic customer base with ever-changing needs.

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The Service

ALSO’s approach ensures that migrations of every scale, duration, cost and complexity are supported.

Our professional services cover the practical aspects of your customers’ migration to the cloud, while our consultancy allows for a tailored delivery that best fits their unique requirements. We work directly with partners to provide the level of expertise required – for all migration sizes.


  • What will be migrated?
  • How will new customers and services be onboarded?


  • What’s within the scope of migration?


  • How will customers connect?
  • How will apps and services interconnect?
  • How will users authenticate?


Our certified and experienced consultants complete an analysis of your customers’ infrastructures, business goals and requirements with a price based on the outcome.

It assesses workload, migration and testing, resulting in a plan for their cloud migration and deployment.


Servers running business applications are migrated to the cloud following a fail-tested and highly automated process with the minimum possible downtime.

We use best-practice methodologies to assess the infrastructure and applications, plan and design the migration, and implement a consolidated, flexible, and resilient server environment.

Once your migration is complete, we can offer a fully managed IT service, depending on your in-house resources, skills and requirements.

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