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Rapidly deploy and easily manage all the cloud software your customers need – WHAT they want, WHEN and WHERE they want it.

See HOW Software as a Service is managed over ALSO Cloud Marketplace, and you’ll know WHY you’ll want to partner with us. What, when, where, how, and why. ALSO Software as a Service has you covered.

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Keep it Fresh

Keep it Coming, Keep it Cloud

Weight the scale of success in your favour by powering your customers’ productivity with Software as a Service from ALSO Cloud Marketplace.

The benefits of SaaS for your clients are just the beginning, but let’s start there.

Low initial investment

No one buys an electrical grid to get electricity. Get the applications you need, pay for what you use. Service is the product, productivity is the goal

Low-touch, rapid deployment

Get up and running quickly and stay productive. SaaS makes licensing and delivery virtually instantaneous.

Cost-effective Productivity

Predictable costs based on need and use. SaaS allows you the freedom to add functionality when and where it’s needed

Always up-to-date

SaaS applications are automatically served updates and features. No-touch maintenance translates to high productivity uptime


Access cloud-based applications virtually anywhere on any device. Collaboration, file-sharing, and task management are a breeze for distributed teams


Get more of what you need when you need it. It’s that simple. SaaS applications are configured to your business


Work with confidence. Exploits and threats are monitored and patched continuously. No need for patches, reinstalls, or reboots.

Nowhere to go but UP

With the rate SaaS development, acceptance and use expanding exponentially, companies are ready for you to get them into the cloud. Be ready to get them there, and watch your business take off.

ALSO Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions gives you the freedom to quickly offer solutions as unique as the companies you provide for.

Get the cloud your way.

ALSO Cloud Marketplace

Easily configure and manage SaaS directly in your custom ALSO Cloud Marketplace.

Expansive Cloud Catalogue

Project management, accounting, collaboration, productivity, creativity, and more – thousands of SaaS applications are available for immediate licensing and deployment.

Revenue through insight

Make the right sell, and profit. You’ll know what your clients need before they do. See where there going with insights generated in your ALSO Cloud Marketplace.

Education and Knowledge

See the cloud as it evolves – in real time. As an ALSO partner you have access to experts, training, consultancy, and get the information needed to stay on top of the cloud.

Take the
Weight Off

The weight of success doesn’t have to be heavy. As one of the largest technology providers, we pull some weight in the industry and can provide you with the best of the cloud under the best possible conditions. You’ll get the service behind the Software as a Service.

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