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Annual Report 2023

“Next Generation” embodies our focus on cutting-edge technology, empowered employees, and forward-thinking business models.

  • By staying at the forefront of technological advancements, we make progress accessible for everyone.
  • By nurturing talent we empower our workforce to drive innovation and deliver exceptional results.
  • By developing new business models we fully utilize the opportunities our industry presents and pave the way for futer sustainable profitable growth.

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Next Gen ALSO

why are you
leaving ALSO?"

How do you want to protect our customers from all the risks they face while using IT?

What are your plans for growth?

What is the future of AI? How can we democratize it?

What is the benefit of harmonizing the IT landscape for ALSO?

How do we want to scale the infrastructure of the business?

What do you think of the development of the business?

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Non-Financial Report 2023

“Next Generation” stands for our commitment to good corporate governance, to taking responsibility for respecting human rights along the supply chain and to reducing our environmental footprint.

By integrating environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) priorities into our strategies, we’ve not only done good but also outperformed financially.

Our purpose is the improvement of the quality of life for all through technology. Together, we build a future where profitability and responsibility go hand in hand.

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ALSOs MORE and LESS strategy posters

Our goal: sustainable profitable growth

MORE: Sustainable profitable growth ...
LESS: ... with minimal environmental impact

ALSO stands for growth that is reproducible, scalable and profitable, as well as ethical and responsible towards current and future stakeholders.

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Learn more about the background, expertise, and line of work of the members of the Board of Directors and the Group Management Board.

Corporate Governance

Investor relations

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With our continuous growth and ability to rapidly expand into new markets and technologies, it’s sometimes hard to keep up. Find all the latest news here.


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As a large and diverse company we have a lot to say about technology, it’s future, the modern workplace, as well as how we’re bringing it all together with our ecosystem.


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As an expanding and dynamic company, new positions and opportunities are opening up all the time and you might be just the right person for the job.

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If you feel we should know you, but don’t find a position that’s a direct match, send us your CV anyway. We're looking forward to get to know you.

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