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The ALSO ecosystem

By the ALSO ecosystem, we have access to all market participants: technology manufacturers, technology service providers, distributors, and end users.

The attractiveness of the ecosystem lies in the number and variety of different market participants and their technologies and products. These are driven by constant innovation. The newly created products and services form the basis for further business development

ALSO’s three business models – Supply, Solutions and Service – cover the entire range from “on-premise” (transactional, aquisition of hardware and software) to “off premise,” (consumptional, usage-based IT-as-a-Service via the cloud) including possible hybrid solutions. The three business models complement one another, with all three areas benefiting from the shift toward usage-based offers.

MORE - our strategy

ALSO developed the MORE strategy in 2011. The company’s field of action is defined by the elements of sustainable profitable growth and the capital structure. For ALSO, this means growth that is reproducible, scalable and profitable, as well as ethical and responsible toward current and future stakeholders.

Four activities help ensure that we achieve our goals:

  1. Maintain stands for securing what has already been achieved – for example, the position as number one or two on the market. On this basis, we expand our Service and Solutions business further. The development of these two promising, high-margin business models also strengthens the transactional business model, which supplies the hardware for them.
  2. Optimize stands for continuous optimization of processes, particularly to increase the profitability of the transactional business model. The introduction of our SAP system and Business Intelligence 2.0 will create solid foundations for the company’s future growth.
  3. Reinvent means that ALSO aims to continue growing with the transactional business model while also generating additional growth and income with solution- and service-oriented business models and resulting offers.
  4. The main aim of Enhance is to consolidate the market in which ALSO does not have a dominant market share and to expand market position through acquisitions in line with Reinvent’s objectives in markets where ALSO does have a dominant market position. In markets in which we do not have a presence, but where the legal and economic conditions are in place, we carry out acquisitions or grow in new business models by means of joint ventures and partnerships.

3S - our business models

Supply, Solutions, Service:

For providers and buyers in the ICT industry, we have developed three business models with two marketing channels. These business models are characterized by very different dynamics.

Net sales in the traditional Supply business model include wholesale business with equipment for the IT, consumer electronics, and telecommunication sectors. Our customers are providers of hardware and software as well as buyers of these products and services, including retailers, etailers, resellers (SMBs), value-added resellers, and corporate resellers. Marketing (the route to market) is mostly transactional, taking place through the purchase or sale of hardware, software or services. The business model is characterized by a high number and frequency of transactions, high net sales, high scalability, high working capital requirements, low retention rates, and low margins.

Designing and implementing complex infrastructure, communicating in a network using the equipment, virtualizing networks, servers, and storage – all of this opens up new dimensions in IT but also requires a very high level of consultancy expertise. In the Solutions business model, ALSO therefore provides project-based support in particular to resellers and small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) on questions of IT architecture and design, rapidly translates requirements into specific configurations, and monitors the status of projects. This business model, which comprises all net sales from trading business with products that form part of comprehensive solutions, is characterized by consultancy and support across all phases of the project and the sale and provision of the required hardware and software. This business model is mainly implemented on a transactional basis through the sale of hardware and software.

In the Service area, ALSO acts as a service provider. Instead of being sold, the equipment, software, services or solutions are offered “as a service” based on usage. These IT services firstly include all technological components that a workstation (seat) requires, while use of all software components is generally cloudbased. Secondly, all services such as financing, maintenance, dimensioning, and replacement are provided for their use. The central tool is the ALSO Cloud Marketplace. This is a software system that facilitates all functions for invoicing, monitoring, security, and configuration of services. Marketing is primarily usagebased (consumptional). The software is also offered to partners outside the countries where ALSO operates. This constitutes the Platform-as-a-Service business. ALSO shares in its partners’ growth through a dynamic service fee, too.

Other services in the Service business include:

  • Logistics-as-a-Service: supply chain solutions along the complete value chain for providers and buyers.
  • Sales and Marketing-as-a-Service: Sales activities for providers and traditional and digital marketing for providers, in order to widen their customer base.

Digital platform in 90 countries: ALSO and PaaS partners

Board of Directors

Walter P. J. Droege

Member and Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of ALSO Holding AG since 2011 and Chairman of the Board Committee.

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Peter Athanas

Member of the Board of Directors of ALSO Holding AG since 2014 and Chairman of the Compensation and Nomination Committee.

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Rudolf Marty

Member of the Board of Directors of ALSO Holding AG since 1993 and Chairman of the Audit Committee.

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Ernest-W. Droege

Member of the Board of Directors of ALSO Holding AG since 2016.

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Gustavo Möller-Hergt

Member of the Board of Directors of ALSO Holding AG and Chairman since 2014. Chief Executive Officer of the ALSO Group and since 2011 a member of the Group Management.

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Frank Tanski

Member of the Board of Directors of ALSO Holding AG since 2011.

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Gustavo Möller-Hergt

Member of the Board of Directors of ALSO Holding AG and Chairman since 2014. Chief Executive Officer of the ALSO Group and since 2011 a member of the Group Management.

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Ralf Retzko

Chief Financial Officer of the ALSO Group and since 2011 a member of the Group Management.

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Thomas Meyerhans

General Counsel and Senior Vice President Human Resources and since 2020 a member of the Group Management.

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Jan Bogdanovich

Senior Vice President Consumptional Business of the ALSO Group and since 2020 a member of the Group Management.

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Our primary goal is not to meet minimum legal requirements but to be among the best in exercising entrepreneurial responsibility.

The attorney Dr. Carsten Thiel von Herff is the ombudsman of the ALSO Group for compliance issues. The ombudsman is available to staff members and third parties as an independent, external contact for information regarding violations of the ALSO code of conduct, particularly in cases of criminal acts or agreements restricting competition

Dr. Thiel von Herff is professionally obligated to maintain confidentiality; upon request, he will also investigate complaints/tips provided anonymously. The information will be forwarded to ALSO only after consultation with the provider of the information. The objective is to assist the company in handling compliance violations without the person providing information about the violations having to fear adverse effects.


Dr. Carsten Thiel von Herff
c/o Thiel von Herff Rechtsanwälte
Detmolder Strasse 30
DE-33604 Bielefeld

Phone: +49 521 557333-0
FAX: +49 521 55733-44


Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct is the foundation of our corporate ethics. It guides all our commercial activities and daily interactions. Our Code of Conduct can be summarised by the following basic rules:

Avoid Conflicting Competition

We avoid entering into a conflict of interest to the detriment of ALSO, in particular, it is not permitted to engage in activities that compete with ALSO.

Agreements and Advantages

We follow the laws of our respective jurisdiction as well as internal regulations and commitments. In particular this applies to the prohibition of entering into anti-competitive agreements and the prohibition of accepting or offering improper advantages.

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Human Dignity & Human Rights

We respect human dignity and human rights. Every employee at ALSO receives the same opportunities without discrimination.


We keep confidential information like business, financial or technical data of ALSO and other confidential internal documents and data secret.

Company Reputation

We are asked to assist in the enforcement of the ALSO principles of conduct and to pay attention to the company’s reputation.