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The Cloud on Solid Ground

Workplace as a Service introduces complete workplace solutions into a sustainable cycle of technology and success.

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ALSO Workplace as a Service (WaaS)

delivers continuous productivity and sets free a cycle of innovation and purpose. It allows you to design and provide comprehensive workplace solutions – hardware, software, and services – all easily configured and managed in the cloud and accessible to devices anywhere and everywhere on the ground.

Get the hardware you want

in a pay-per-use model. Most DaaS contracts offer monthly payments under a 3-year contract with flexible terms, allowing you to upgrade hardware or increase the number of devices whenever you need. At the end of the contract period, you can either return the devices, purchase them at a huge discount, or exchange them for new devices under a new contract.

Upgrade your advantage...

  • Companies operating today are seeking to complement or replace existing on-premise IT systems with cloud-based software and services.

  • Increasingly, startups and new businesses are taking advantage of completely consumptional , cloud-based solutions running on leased devices and accessories.

…Advance your success

  • Operational agility, data security, predictable costs, and business continuity between onsite and remote workforces are just some of the reasons why demand for Workplace as a Service continues to grow.

  • Remote or onsite, the workplace is where you turn it on.

We Deliver Innovation to Partners

  • We supports your resellers increase their business and profits by keeping ahead of how organizations and companies want to acquire and use workplace technology.

  • Demand for Workplace as a Service is expanding rapidly, and now is the time for resellers to develop, strengthen, and promote their Workplace as a Service portfolios.

  • Sustainability is profitable. Our buyback and refurbishment program not only extends the lifecycle of WaaS devices, but it also reduces your project costs

With a projected value of €195 BILLION by 2028, WaaS is on the move.We’re here to put your WaaS in motion.

ALSO WaaS Advantages

  • Seamless integration and support of onsite and remote workforces

  • 360° maintenance, updates, and service

  • Quick deployment of new technologies

  • Fresh hardware, no leftovers

  • Buyback and refurbishment program extends device lifecycle and reduces costs

  • Scalable and adaptable

  • Predictable costs and low initial investment

  • Reduce Capex, shift to Opex

ALSO Workplace as a Service (WaaS) solutions are easily configured and managed through our ALSO Cloud Marketplace, allowing resellers to quickly provide solutions as unique as the companies they serve.

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Easily access services and solutions for productivity, creativity, collaboration and security.
The cloud makes licensing and delivery virtually instantaneous.

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ALSO Workplace as a Service


As an ALSO WaaS partner

you can immediately offer your clients everything they want to make most their creativity, collaboration, and productivity—premium devices seamlessly connected with cloud services and software—all accessibly priced as a monthly subscription.

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ALSO WaaS combines

the power of on-demand scalability—hardware and cloud-based software and services—with the instant accessibility of consumption-based subscription pricing.

ALSO continues to lead the industry

by keeping ahead of how companies and organizations want to acquire and use workplace technology, whether onsite, offsite, or anywhere in between.

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