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Introducing ALSO AI Business Solutions

Artificial Intelligence Solutions for Human Partners

Data drives business innovation and growth.

When properly extracted and interpreted, data allows businesses to forecast with precision, optimize in real-time, communicate smarter, maintain higher quality standards, and automate processes.

But left in the dark, unarranged data remains invisible and inaccessible. The potential for optimization and monetization - the inherent business value of available data - is ignored.

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With the cloud serving as its orchestra, we think of AI as the great data composer

AI and machine learning make it possible to intelligently sift through the data noise, extract useable, actionable information and compose this into precise functions for innovation and business growth.

From AI-powered front-line customer engagement interfaces to computer vision systems for quality assurance, AI-powered tools and systems deliver efficiency and scalability.

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ALSO AI Solutions

A platform of marketable AI

We’ve been hard at work building a platform of marketable AI tools and solutions designed to offer your customers innovation, efficiency, and optimization.

We offer pre-configured, industry-specific solutions alongside customizable tools to meet the unique needs of your customers.

With ALSO AI Solutions, you can provide your customers and clients with smart solutions to complex tasks -at scale.

Composed data means empowered business.

Use cases

AI Chatbot for Front-Line Customer Service and Engagement

AI Chatbot for Front-Line Customer Service and Engagement

A little information goes a long way, but a lot of information goes much further.

Engage and support customers with an AI Customer Support Chatbot. It can learn from your manuals, support and FAQ pages, and any other relevant documentation.

With Al Natural Language Processing, customers receive personal, predictive responses and their needs and preferences are maintained throughout the support cycle.

AI Automated Document Translation for Global Reach

AI Automated Document Translation for Global Reach

Global reach and local language go hand in hand.

ALSO AI Translator utilizes neural machine translation and automates multilingual translations of your complex documents while maintaining the original format and layout.

AI Translator can translate complex documents into over 100 languages at scale, from technical documents to support pages.

Future Ready with Predictive Analytics

Future Ready with Predictive Analytics

AI Predictive Analytics provides essential information for innovation and optimization.

Keep inventory lean with demand forecasting, prevent costly equipment failures with predictive maintenance, or be ahead of future trends with customer behaviour analysis. Extract and visualize information from your IoT-connected devices.

AI Predictive Analytics processes a wide range of external factors, allowing fast, accurate predictions.

Computer Vision for Image and Video Analysis

Computer Vision for Image and Video Analysis

In manufacturing, being prepared for rework is essential.

Fault detection with Computer Vision can predict anomalies and identify production errors as they happen, greatly reducing rework time and all associated costs.

Business industries in the financial and insurance sectors benefit from form and image analysis to process applications and claims, and agricultural sectors can use computer vision to automate the analysis of satellite and drone images.

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