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Devices without distractions

DaaS is devices and cloud-services powering business

Plug in the device, turn on the service and unplug the hassle. Device as a Service with ALSO frees businesses to concentrate on their core operations with minimal distractions.

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maintain focus

with maintenance-free DaaS

Device as a Service (DaaS) offers your customers the ability to easily scale device deployments and comprehensive IT services according to their evolving needs.

It eliminates the need for large upfront investments by providing devices and business-essential services on a subscription-based model, including technical assistance and maintenance.

This reduces financial strain, ensures productivity uptime, and guarantees access to up-to-date devices and services.

Workplace as a service

Complete mobile and fixed workstation solutions - desktops, laptops, peripherals, accessories and mobile devices

Collaboration as a Service

Solutions for modern workforces and distributed teams, including collaboration software and services, smart meeting rooms for digital conferencing, and support services for security and management

Printing as a Service

An entire print environment as a service, including printer, print servers, consumables, management, and maintenance.

Networking as a Service

Building and maintaining an enterprise network can be a costly burden. Get enterprise networking hardware, software, and services without buying or maintaining the necessary infrastructure.

DaaS is the advantage for customers

Cost of Predictability

Subscription-based pricing allows for predictable and manageable monthly or annual expenses

Scalability & Flexibility

Scale device deployments up or down according to need

Simplified Device Management

Focus on core business. The entire device lifecycle is managed, including procurement, configuration, deployment, ongoing maintenance, and support.

Evinronmental Sustainability

Device reuse, proper disposal, and energy-efficient hardware contribute to sustainability goals by participating in a circular economy approach.


Device as a Service with ALSO positions you to extend your recurring revenue with complete.

DaaS is available directly over our ALSO Cloud Marketplace. Procure, configure, add features, and extend device utility with our comprehensive Software as a Service library. It’s complete cloud management.

Recurring Revenue

Steady and predictable revenue over multiple device lifecycles

Expanded customer base

By offering comprehensive device management and support, you’ll foster long-term relationships with customers, leading to increased customer loyalty and retention

Up-sell & cross-sell

Take advantage of the complete Everything as a Service ecosystem. Upsell, cross-sell add services and upgrades as customers lean into modern Everything as a Service solutions

DaaS is our advantage

Take advantage of the complete Everything as a Service ecosystem. Upsell, cross-sell add services and upgrades as customers lean into modern Everything as a Service solutions

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Manage and deliver with ALSO Cloud Marketplace

Take control and deliver the cloud. Our industry leading ALSO Cloud Marketplace is your digital foundation for cloud business. It’s the most comprehensive marketplace for cloud solutions, software, and services available. Elegantly provide and manage thousands of cloud services across all XaaS deployment models. An elevated cloud covers a lot of ground.

Run your entire cloud business with ALSO Cloud Marketplace.

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