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As an end-to-end service provider we bring the providers and buyers in the ICT industry together and offer them services at all levels of the value chain from a single source. The basis of ALSO’s business models are the two customer categories “providers” and “buyers”. Marketing in the ICT industry is largely a three-step process. In a first step, the providers supply the ALSO companies. In a second step, these supply a very heterogeneous selection of buyers, which in a third step serves the end customers. >>> MORE


Net sales in the traditional transactional business model (Supply) include business with optimized trading processes and logistics for the IT, consumer electronics, and telecommunication sectors.

In the Solutions business, ALSO provides project-based support in particular to small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) on questions of IT architecture and design, rapidly translates requirements into specific configurations, and monitors the status of projects.

In the as-a-Service business ALSO acts as a service provider rather than a seller. The services offered are called up as needed and remunerated with variable payments based on usage.

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