Microsoft Azure Deployment

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Time to automate

Microsoft Azure can now be deployed quickly, repeatably, and profitably – without the need for deep technical expertise.

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The Service

How ALSO can help

ALSO Microsoft Azure deployment takes care of a wide variety of Azure workload deployment tasks. It can even be customised according to partner input to ensure a suitable setup. For example, providing a customer with Azure Virtual Desktops or other services has become super easy because:

You don't need extra in-house expertise

Automation eliminates mistakes

Automation is massively speeds up deployment

And it's infinitely repeatable

Typical Scenarios

You often need in-house expertise; it takes a lot of time; it’s challenging to manage; and at the end of the day, the profit margin is minimal. The engineers don’t like it much either because it’s repetitive work.

But precisely because it’s repetitive, it can be automated.

And we did just that with ALSO Microsoft Azure deployment. Our ALSO Azure experts created a set of automations based on Microsoft best practices and with SMB customers in mind.

Now easier than ever

Thanks to ALSO Microsoft Azure deployment’s simplicity, speed, and scalability, partners can expand their services with a high-margin offering without hiring more people.

Partners can also use our ALSO Cloud Marketplace API and integration with Microsoft Cloud to create their own automation. This way their deployment services can be built to match their specific customer profile.

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