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ALSO Device Management (further ADM) is your one-step solution to go from ground to Cloud! Because the modern and productive way to deploy devices today is via Cloud, which is synonymous with Windows Autopilot.


Automating device deployment with Windows Autopilot

With Windows Autopilot, Microsoft has made a range of tools available (from Windows 10 onwards) with which the deployment of devices has reached a new level and can be easily automated with preset configurations.

Simplified device configuration with Out-of-Box Experience (OOBE)

You can add new devices for yourself or your customers to existing configuration groups so that new users can directly access fully functional devices when they first log on. The out-of-box experience (OOBE) not only makes life easier for you during the deployment process, but it also provides your customers with a simple and straightforward experience. No matter where the user is located, all they need is a working Internet connection!


ADM is designed to save you time and reduce your workload, enabling you to focus on more complex topics. With ADM you can streamline your device management processes, reduce costs and increase productivity.

In our Marketplace we give you two different options and a variety of features to upload your devices as easily and as fast as possible:

Smart Upload Solution

Our Smart Upload solution enables you to upload devices purchased from ALSO to Microsoft Intune with a few clicks. All you need is your order number and you're good to go!

Device - Identifier Catalogue

With the Device-Identifier Catalogue ALSO provides a feature for you that will help you to upload all devices easily and fast into the cloud via CSV-File. The constantly learning catalogue provides the model- and manufacturer names in a simple and interactive database.


It is probably the most comprehensive cloud marketplace...

...with features that enable you to build your own subscription-based cloud business – including sales, support, and business intelligence reports for customer management, development and retention.

your advantages

Free of charge

No fees or charges apply – enjoy our service for free!

Easy handling

Get started fast and easily with our detailed support database!

Available for thousands of devices

You can setup any autopilot-ready device from any vendor!

Time-saving processes

Simplify and streamline your device management in an efficient way!

Deployment with ADM & Autopilot

With just a few steps you can get your devices into the cloud!

  • Experience the future of device management with our user-friendly Marketplace.
  • We offer you seamless integration, intuitive navigation, and a rich array of innovative solutions. Simply login to explore, or sign up with a few clicks!

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Step 1

Get started with ACMP

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Step 2

Follow the Windows
Autopilot requirements

Licensing requirements

Software requirements

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Step 3

You're ready to upload your devices in the Marketplace – as fast and easy as that.

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