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The ACMP features cover the entire sales and renewal cycle, which allows you to strengthen customer relationships and reach your organization’s long-term strategic goals on your cloud journey.

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Build & Offer

Customise multiple marketplaces, freely modify packages and prices accordingly.

Provision & manage

Customised billing rules make it easy to regulate and adjust prices for individual solutions.


Powerful visualisation tools tailored to your needs helps you optimize processes and make informed decisions.


Fully monetize each Unique User, by systematically expanding the applications and services.

Build & Offer

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You can customize multiple marketplaces with sector-specific solutions and freely modify packages and prices according to your needs.

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Smart API

With our smart API, you can integrate your own systems, for example to automate ordering and billing processes.

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Offer & bill

You can easily offer and bill all services provided, including your own services and solutions. Thanks to the quotation tool, you can create a customised quote for your customers within minutes.

Provision & manage

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Customized billing rules

Customised billing rules make it easy to regulate and adjust prices for individual solutions. You can invoice on a monthly or annual basis.

Depending on the level of integration of the Marketplace into your operations, you can either have access to an online bill, conveniently structured according to customers, which you either get via API or export in multiple formats. It can even be branded with your logo.

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White labelling

Make the Marketplace YOUR marketplace: white labelling gives you the chance to create a consistent brand experience for your customers. Easily customise corporate colours and logos and use them across all your marketplaces.

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Invoice aggregation

Invoice aggregation is another helpful list containing reseller and end customer cost, which you can use for invoicing and invoice reconciliation.

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Automated provision

With automated provisioning, you can increase the efficiency of business operations. The intuitive interface will allow you to simplify the management of customers, users, and services.


In business, there is nothing more important than making informed decisions.

Analysing customer behaviour, e.g. which customer uses which applications in which frequency, will allow you to optimise processes and costs.

ALSO’s data visualisation tools can be tailored to best suit your growth strategies.


A digital workplace consists of a multitude of applications. SaaS usually covers just the basic ones such as Microsoft/Windows 365.

The Marketplace enables you to fully monetize each Unique User, by systematically expanding the applications used and services offered, be it the digitisation of workflows, backup and storage, cybersecurity, and more.

And it doesn’t end here: with our Workplace-as-a-Service (WaaS) offer you can supply your customers with a complete workplace and include your own services.

Make most of the potential you have at your fingertips!

Learn more about our Cloud Adoption framework and how Value Add Services help partners serve customer needs best and make the most out of each Unique User.

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