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At Corporate IT Solutions, we specialize in providing end-to-end support for IT resellers working on customer projects. From A like assessment to Z like zero trust architecture: Our experts in the Corporate IT solutions area are here to assist you throughout the entire project journey.

The Power of Our Solutions Stack

Our Solutions Stack offers a wide range of services to cater to every phase of your project. From analyzing and consulting your customers to designing and configuring tailored solutions, we ensure operational success. Customize our services to meet your specific needs.

Project Management

Streamline your project cycle with our single point of contact, enabling you to offer comprehensive services from a trusted source.

Assessment & Analysis

A correct and comprehensive assessment is the foundation of success. Current challenges and long-term goals of your customer are addressed in detail.

Design & Configuration

Tap into our extensive knowledge and expertise to create customized solutions, which offer excellent performance and best value for money.

Financing Concepts

Overcome pricing obstacles by leveraging our suitable financing concepts, easing the transition into Managed Services, if required.

Go-to-Market Support

Conquer marketing and presentation challenges with our assistance, leveraging solution-specific documents and expert guidance.

Procurement & Logistics

Rely on our decades of competence in procurement and logistics for reliable availability and swift delivery.

Installation & Migration

Delegate installation and migration tasks to our professional support, ensuring seamless deployment at customer locations.

Monitoring & Support

Integrate monitoring and support concepts into your solution, guaranteeing customer satisfaction with the right level of service.

Lifecycle Optimization

Maximize the value of your customer's existing hardware with our comprehensive trade-in options, including secure data handling and removal of all sensitive information. Safeguard your customer's data while reducing the purchase price of new solutions. Additionally, the ALSO Shop serves as a platform for reselling these devices as used products.

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Corporate IT Solutions is dedicated to helping IT channel partners thrive. Explore our comprehensive solutions today and unlock new possibilities for your projects.