APC Easy Racks and PDUs

Simple. Secure. Scalable

Simplify your next data center project with a range of easy-to-size, customise, and accessorise racks and PDUs. From networking cabinets to server rooms and even entire datacenters, APC Easy Racks and PDU solutions can do it all.

Why choose APC Easy Racks?

Racks are a vital component of every data centre. But when it comes to project design, they’re often just an afterthought. By choosing a high-quality and reliable rack setup, you can protect costly IT investments and enhance infrastructure deployment, right from the start.

Why choose APC Power Distribution Units?

Increase the efficiency of your data centre projects with the right power distribution solutions. Monitor power usage effectively, and instead deliver reliable, efficient network power distribution for all budgets and applications.

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Choose APC Easy Racks and PDUs to build a strong foundation for your customers’ IT infrastructure.

Discover why ALSO recommends APC Easy Racks

Rapid deployment

APC Easy Racks come fully assembled for fast and easy deployment. Each rack comes complete with levelling feet, split rear doors, castors, and rear accessory brackets.

Superior reliability

APC Easy Racks are built to last. Their durable construction is industry standard EIA-310-E compliant, UL Listed, and comes with a 5-year warranty as standard.

Customisable design

APC Easy Racks offer a wide range of options to create a bespoke storage solution. Available in a range of sizes for any application. Then add integrated PDUs, cable management, shelving, cooling systems, and more.

Ultimate protection

APC Easy Racks help protect your customers’ IT investments with a range of physical security features plus optional extras like IP cameras, humidity, and temperature detectors, and Smart-UPS.

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An APC Easy Rack for every scenario

APC Easy Racks can be configured to suit any IT application. Choose from a range of heights, widths, and depths in addition to optional side housings. Design tailored storage solutions to protect critical infrastructure in data centres of all sizes.

Customise your APC Easy Rack project

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Shelves, panels, and fittings


NetBotz Rack Access offers a fully integrated, scalable rack management solution for managing rack access control privileges.

NetBotz Camera Pods deliver motion detection alerts for enhanced intrusion detection and security.

Netbotz Sensors provide a wide range of plug-and-play access and environmental sensors to provide a complete picture of your customers’ IT environment.

APC Easy Rack PDU Temperature and Humidity Sensors accurately monitor your customers’ data centre environment, helping to maintain optimum conditions.

Find out why ALSO recommends APC Power Distribution Units

Easy Basic Rack PDU

More than just a power strip. The Easy Rack Basic PDU is a reliable and cost-effective solution for all budgets and applications.

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Ready for the ultimate data center rack and power solution?

See the full range of APC Easy Racks and APC PDUs on the ALSO webshop.

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