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Ready to stop security breaches in their tracks? Introducing CrowdStrike, the leading endpoint security solution for MSSPs

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High-level security for your customers

How can you provide the highest level of security to your customers, while also streamlining your operations? Traditional endpoint security solutions can be complex to use and clunky to operate. But you still want to provide effective endpoint security for your customers.

Step forward, CrowdStrike. Their best-in-class security solution, the CrowdStrike Falcon® Platform, offers a comprehensive, top-performing solution for MSSPs. Streamline the deployment, configuration, and management of endpoint security — all while offering the highest level of protection for your customers.

As the complexity and sophistication of threats develop faster than ever before, MSSPs must be agile if they’re going to successfully manage the needs of individual customers. To offer an effective solution, you also need to determine the nature and scope of each threat in real-time. This means that implementing and configuring endpoint security can be expensive and time-consuming — but there is a better way.

Harness the power of the CrowdStrike Falcon platform — built for the way you do business.

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CrowdStrike can help grow your business

Ready to find out why CrowdStrike is the most complete and easiest way to provide endpoint security to your customers?

Work smarter, not harder

Reduce the burden of operationalising, maintaining, configuring, and optimising endpoint security.

Provide the highest level of security

Protect each customer’s individual endpoint security needs with a solution that works across all leading OS platforms.

Rapid threat detection

As attackers develop more sophisticated approaches, MSSPs need to detect and assess attacks in real-time.

Take immediate action

Seamlessly respond to threats by triaging them in order of severity. Then remediate endpoints using a blend of tactics.

Add CrowdStrike to your technology portfolio and increase your business revenue today

Provide your customers with the highest level of security and take advantage of these key product capabilities.

Premium detection and protection

Provides immediate detection and effective protection against all types of attack. Aggregated threat detection helps to accelerate the investigation and remediation of security breaches.

Streamlined operational efficiency

As a cloud-native platform specifically designed for MSSPs, CrowdStrike Falcon® combines optimal endpoint security with streamlined options for customer deployment, configuration, and management.

Access real-time expertise

Take advantage of the skills, expertise, and support of cybersecurity professionals. If you’re looking for technical advice, strategic advice, or training… just ask!

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