Why choose APC Easy Racks?

Racks are the cornerstone of the data centre. They carry and protect costly IT investments and offer a wide range of customisable features for enhancing infrastructure deployment. But too often they’re just an afterthought in project design.

Choose APC Easy Racks and make IT rack deployment, simple, fast, and scalable. Build a strong foundation for your customers’ infrastructure and get a range of customisable and easy-to-size racks for networking cabinets, server rooms, and entire data centres.

Fast and easy deployment

APC Easy Racks come fully assembled and are equipped with casters, levelling feet, split rear doors, and rear accessory brackets for speedy installation and deployment.

Superior reliability

With a high quality, construction, APC Easy Racks are built to last. They are industry standard EIA-310-E compliant, UL Listed, and carry a 5-year warranty as standard.


Expand and customise APC Easy Racks with a wide range of options including PDUs, cable management, shelving, and cooling.

Protect what matters

Keep your customers’ IT investments racked and protected with physical security features and optional accessories like Smart UPS, IP cameras, and temperature and humidity detectors.

An Easy Rack for every scenario

With several heights, widths, and depths, as well as optional sides housings to choose from, APC Easy Racks can be configured to suit any IT application. Easy Rack solutions comes in a range of standardised form factors capable of housing and protecting infrastructure in data centres of all sizes.

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Easy Rack options

Get an overview of the available optional extras for APC Easy Racks.

Shelves, panels, and fittings

Power delivery and protection

The Easy Rack PDU family provides easy-to-install, easy-to-use power distribution for every budget and application.

The APC Smart-UPS family delivers intelligent and efficient network power protection for servers, point-of-sale, routers, switches, hubs, and other network devices.


NetBotz Rack Access provides a fully integrated, scalable rack management solution for managing rack access control privileges.

NetBotz Camera Pods deliver motion detection and advanced alerting for enhanced intrusion detection and security of your customers’ racks.

Netbotz Sensors offer a wide range of plug and play access and environmental sensors to help provide a complete picture of your customers’ IT environment.

APC Easy Rack PDU Temperature and Humidity Sensors accurately monitor your customers’ data centre environment, helping to maintain ideal conditions.

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