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Exclusive GamesCom 2022 Sora Stream Bundles

Get 1-Year Premium Cloud Gaming Free!


Play anywhere and on any device connected to the internet. No minimum system requirements. Skip the hazzle!

Affordable and fun gaming experience

Outdated hardware is a thing of the past

The offer lasts longer than GamesCom 2022, but not much longer!

Sora Stream—Gaming for Everyone, Anywhere, On Any Device. And for a limited time, get 1-year Sora Stream premium cloud gaming free with our exclusive GamesCom 2022 bundles!

Introducing Sora Stream. Play anywhere and on any connected device. Laptop, tablet, smartphone and smart TV. If it’s HTML5, Android, or Windows, you’re good to go.

Play Anywhere.

Play On Any Device.

Minimum system requirements?

Not required - just internet connection and a screen, that’s it

GamesCom is Only in Cologne, but Sora Stream cloud gaming is everywhere on just about any device.

  • Over 200+ games across all genres of play! MotoGP21, Darksiders, Paw Patrol, Tennis, Mortal Kombat, and many more!
  • Full catalogue access across laptop, tablet, desktop, smartphone and smart TV
  • Fast launching
  • No storage & memory consumption
  • No recommended minimum system requirements!

Oh, how the Cloud has changed everything

Sure, the cloud has brought us remote work, distance learning and allowed us to join real-time community yoga from home, all fine and important things.

But GamesCom is all about gaming! And Sora Stream is your premier platform for high performance cloud gaming

GamesCom is all about gaming, and Sora Stream is the future of gaming (and of course, the future is now!) Gaming where you are, where you’re going, and where you want to be. It’s about gaming from the nearest and dearest device, a device that’s high-spec, low-spec, or anything in-between, even if it happens to be a device that’s actually affordable!

What happens in Vegas, stays in...

But with GamesCom 2022 in Cologne, there’s no reason to leave the gaming behind. Take it on the road, take it home, take it everywhere you go. You don’t need to be a hardcore gamer to love gaming, but you need a device and games you love. Sora Stream is offering both!