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Our IoT solution to monitor
and manage energy costs

Rising energy costs are a sticky issue for many companies in Europe and beyond.

ALSO’s Workplace+ enables decision-makers to identify opportunities to save resources and reduce costs by monitoring their building’s utilisation and energy consumption.

Energy saving potential

Turn up your energy saving potential

Workplace + helps facility managers, housing association, public authorities and companies to track temperature, occupancy, light and even air quality in their buildings.

Monitor Numerous Sensors

Monitor sensors that you can put anywhere in your building. Keep track of occupancy, CO2, temperature and humidity, water leaks, ambient lighting, and more for a better view of how facilities are being used.

Expose Areas of High Consumption

Are the offices brightly lit even when no one is there? Are thermostats set to the correct temperature? Easily detect areas of high energy consumption with Workplace+.

What’s in it for your customer?

Find the sweet spot for your building

Use Workplace+ to create the perfect utilization plan for your building. Track usage via an intuitive, custom management platform

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How customers benefit

Monitor actual usage 

Learn whether energy usage in your facility is aligned with your organizational policies and sustainability goals. Access remotely with trigger notifications and reports.

Control energy consumption

Maximize energy and building utilization based on factors such as time of day, occupancy, location, & more. Workplace+ support your sustainability goals and can support further optimizations in BMS.

Quick integration

Workplace+ can be integrated into your facility management routines fairly quickly so you create value and realize your energy saving potential in a relatively short adoption time.

Low cost of entry

Workplace+ is an affordable solution that makes it easier for facility managers to take immediate action to start saving more and doing better energy-wise.

How it works

Workplace +

Sensors with pre-visioned
LoRaWAN connectivity

Via ALSO web shop


Secure & Scalable loT platform to connect the devices, collect & visualize the data

Via ALSO Cloud Marketplace


Ready-to-use application to get started or build your custom applications.

Via ALSO Cloud Marketplace

Electricity Consumption

Have a look how electricity consumption monitoring would look like, using the data from the different sensors and then visualising it inside ALSO IoT platform.

ALSO Partners can customise it according his/her preferences and needs.

Energy Consumption Monitoring

If Partners like to have more detailed dashboards or information needs to be forwarded to an external platform for a further analysis, ALSO IoT platform is the best solution.

It has got all possibilities to connect and integrate others systems, personalise them or adding or removing visuals.

Detailed Dashboard

The detailed dashboard showing real data from ALSO warehouse in Latvia.

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