Boost & Win: Earn Engage & Grow points with HPE MSA Gen6

Throughout June and July, you can now earn additional Engage & Grow points through the MSA Gen6 product range.

Simply watch three training videos and take the quiz to earn five BonusPoints per video, with unit sales generating even more points. Each point is equivalent to €1, which will then be transferred onto your Engage and Grow credit cards.

The HPE MSA range is now also part of Flex Offers, offering exclusive special deals and quick shipping directly from distribution inventory.

Unlock big discounts on custom configurations in iQuote and earn additional BonusPoints for every HPE MSA sale you make.

Watch the training videos and start earning your BonusPoints today.

Watch 3 MSA Gen6 training videos to earn Engage & Grow points

Watch the three videos below, take the quiz and earn 5 BonusPoints for each one