Workplace as a Service

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Expand your business from Ground to Cloud

Meet your customers where they are and where they want to be - on the ground, in the cloud, and everywhere in-between.

Remote or onsite, teams and colleagues connect with seamless continuity on managed devices for secure, solid productivity.

WHY, what, Waas

ALSO Workplace as a Service (WaaS) solutions are easily configured and managed through our ALSO Cloud Marketplace, allowing resellers to quickly provide solutions as unique as the companies they serve.

Out with the old...

Companies operating today are seeking to compliment or replace existing on-premise IT systems with cloud-based software and services.

Increasingly, startups and new businesses rely upon completely consumptional, cloud-based solutions running on leased devices and accessories. with the new

Operational agility, data security, predictable costs, and business continuity between onsite and remote workforces are just some of the reasons why demand for Workplace as a Service continues to grow.

In all cases, ALSO Workplace as a Service belongs in every MSPs portfolio.

Workplace as a service

We deliver innovation to Partners

ALSO supports resellers increase their business and profits by keeping ahead of how organizations and companies want to acquire and use workplace technology.

Demand for Workplace as a Service is expanding rapidly, and now is the time for resellers to develop, strengthen, and promote their Workplace as a Service portfolios.

Grab your share

Turn On the Workplace

ALSO Workplace as a Service (WaaS) is software and services delivered and managed in the cloud, and used by devices anywhere and everywhere on the ground.

Consumptional means subscription, and subscription means business agility and continuity.

Devices can be swapped out, upgraded, and managed for seamless integration and continued productivity throughout the entire lifecycle.

Completely cloud and consumptional, or a hybrid mix integrating existing hardware and infrastructure, Workplace as a Service allows you to serve your customers from ground to cloud.

Remote or onsite, the workplace is where you turn it on.



  • Seamless integration and support of onsite and remote workforces
  • 360° maintenance, updates, and service
  • Quick deployment of new technologies
  • Fresh hardware, no leftovers
  • Scalable and adaptable
  • Predictable costs and low initial investment

ALSO WaaS - from ground to cloud with the ALSO Cloud Marketplace

With the ALSO Cloud Marketplace, it’s never been easier to provide and manage complete Workplace as a Service solutions for your clients and customers.


Cloud Services







Create, include, and manage your own services and private catalogue along with cloud services from hundreds of vendors.

Add to your transactional business with cloud services and software, and allow customers lease our entire range of premium devices and accessories.

We’re here to support you with the tools and training, marketing and services you need to integrate WaaS into your portfolio right now.

We’re the technology provider, support is what we do.


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The ALSO Cloud Marketplace is a comprehensive client management platform where partners go to manage their Workplace as a Service client Portfolios.

Personalize with your brand, include your own services, and manage your customers’ entire lifecycle from hardware and software to cloud services, financing and contracts.

Integrated hardware, software, and cloud services catalogue.

Client consultations are quickly and easily transformed and realized. From procurement and configuration of devices to completed contracts and delivery. The ACMP is your digital platform to support and strengthen your client relationships.


The ALSO Cloud Marketplace (ACMP) is more than an automated Provision of cloud services.

It is the most comprehensive online marketplace available, with a feature set that helps you build your own subscription-based cloud business, including sales, support and business intelligence reports for customer management, development and retention.

Get started with ACMP

ACMP features include

  • Realtime availability of devices and accessories
  • Vendor negotiated project prices remain intact
  • Integrated client credit-check and financing
  • Self service

  • No-touch device configuration and delivery
  • Automated e-Signature contracts
  • Reporting


Why subscribe and not buy?

Get to know Grenke and their financing system.

  • 08. September 2022
  • 10:00 CET
  • German
  • Andreas von Bernstorff,
    Teamleader Key Account Management,
    • Insights on why leasing pays off more than buying
    • Insights what happens in the customers balance sheet when I buy or only use
    • General information

ACMP - complete Client Management

Find out what advantages the ALSO Cloud Marketplace has for you.

  • 13. September 2022
  • 15:00 CET
  • German
  • Patric Gleisenberg,
    Regional Lead DACH Software & Cloud, ALSO Deutschland GmbH
    • Why is the ALSO Cloud Marketplace the place to be for Consumptional Business in general?
    • How can ACMP support our channel partners, how can they outsource their processes into ACMP?
    • What’s possible in ALSO Cloud Marketplace?

How to book

Let’s get started - and watch how you can build your own configuration in just a few minutes

  • 15. September 2022
  • 10:30 CET
  • German
  • Johanna Kloke, Focus Sales Manager, ALSO Deutschland GmbH
    • How to get Access into ACMP and what steps are needed in ACMP for starting with WaaS?
    • Grenke Financial Service explanation
    • WaaS Configurator explanation

WaaS- How to sell

What is WaaS? - deeper facts about the service

  • 26. September 2022
  • 10:30 CET
  • German
  • Michael Teniz, Head of Consumptional
    Business Switzerland, ALSO Schweiz AG
    • How do I use WaaS and how do I bring it To my end customer?
    • What are the advantages for the reseller?
    • What are the advantages for the customer?

Get to know Our host and speakers

Host & Speaker

Michael Teniz

Head of Consumptional

Business Switzerland, ALSO Schweiz AG

Additional speakers


Regional Lead
DACH Software & Cloud, ALSO Deutschland GmbH


Focus Sales Manager,
ALSO Deutschland GmbH

von Bernstorff

Key Account Management,

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