Gaming in Growth by Francisco Soutullo

Gaming in growth

Playing is and has always been a part of our society and of human behaviour. Man had played even before he could speak. Even in the animal kingdom, behavioural patterns are learned through play. In the first half of the 20th century, thanks to a book by Johan Huizinga, the term Homo Ludens, Latin for the playing human being, became known in behavioural research. This also shows the importance of playing in our society.

A few facts:

  • 56% of the European population between 6 and 64 play video games
  • Smartphone and/or tablet are the most popular platforms, followed by consoles and then PC
  • 17% use multiple platforms to play
  • 77% play at least one hour a week
  • On average, about 8.6 hours per week are played
  • 45% are female players
  • Analysts expect an annual growth of between 2% and 15% in the gaming market over the next 5 years

Many of you are connected to gaming in one way or another. Whether it is bringing games or hardware to the customers, providing the necessary Internet connections or platforms, or programming apps or games. A part of you will also take the gamepad or mouse and keyboard and play a game. And even a bigger part of you will surely have one or more games on your smartphone or tablet.

Shortly after the lockdown there was an increased demand from customers for gaming hardware, peripherals, chairs, video and board games. App stores have also noticed an increase in the number of downloads of games. Since we all are more at home, we all have been looking for distraction that we can pursue within your own four walls.

Even before the lockdown, gaming was a part of an industry that was growing. A PC, monitor, notebook or tablet used for office work and surfing the internet has a longer life span. Here you don't feel compelled to upgrade or buy something new so quickly. But if you play with it, you are more willing to make an investment again, so that the new game looks like it was shown at presentations. Also, a gamer is more willing to buy new peripherals to become even better. One of the areas that has grown extraordinarily in the past two years, was gaming chairs. In the beginning the chairs were very expensive and there were not many who could afford them. In the meantime, more manufacturers are active and the prices have fallen. As a result, there have been many more customers who have bought a gaming chair.

Despite the development of buying video games online via a client or using them in a rental model, the percentage of physically sold games is still very high and interesting for every reseller. There are still many people who like to have a box and a data carrier at home. Be it to satisfy the collecting instinct or because we want to have something physical for the money. The fact that a large part of the people like to put themselves in the center of attention has led to the fact that more and more people deal with the topic of streaming in the past two to three years. It's not just about participating in the game, measuring yourself against others and exchanging ideas, but also about sharing yourself and your gaming experience with others. This is where many resellers can sell additional hardware. New circumstances always result in new chances. Meanwhile eSports has established itself and can compete with any other sport in terms of popularity and awareness. Professional gamers can not only make a living with it, they have, just like other professional athletes, advertising contracts and income, which enables a good life.

Be a part of this development and play them instead of just standing on the sideline and watch. We are happy to help you win a game round or two!

Francisco Soutullo

European Product Manager Gaming ALSO