ALSO Consultancy Services

Empowering Microsoft partners to build profitable cloud businesses by offering expert guidance, support, and resources for navigating the complexities of the cloud market. Our consultancy services aim to optimise sales strategies, enhance technical knowledge, and identify growth opportunities for your business.

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The Service

ALSO Consultancy Services is a comprehensive offering designed to help Microsoft partners navigate the complexities of the cloud market while optimizing sales strategies, enhancing technical knowledge, and identifying growth opportunities. Our team of experts provides support in areas such as:

Sales Strategy Development

Crafting effective sales approaches for cloud solutions.

Technical Support

Troubleshooting and resolving technical issues for partners and their customers.

Business Expansion Opportunities

Identifying new avenues for growth in the Microsoft Cloud ecosystem.

Typical scenarios

Independent Software Vendors (ISVs):
Helping ISVs integrate and deploy cloud-based applications and services for their customers, enhancing their product portfolio and market reach.

Assisting resellers in effectively marketing, selling, and supporting Microsoft Cloud solutions, enabling them to expand their offerings and customer base.

System Integrators:
Collaborating with system integrators to design, implement, and optimize complex cloud solutions for their clients, while improving operational efficiency and reducing costs.

Managed Service Providers:
Guiding MSPs in developing and managing a comprehensive range of cloud services, from infrastructure management to application support, ensuring high-quality customer experiences and long-term growth.

Benefit to resellers

By partnering with ALSO Consultancy Services, resellers can expect to:

Strengthen partner-channel relationships

Enhance Azure knowledge and expertise

Improve customer satisfaction

Boost revenue and profitability

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Leverage our local team's experience in cloud architecture, pre-sales support, project management, and training services to accelerate your time-to-market and increase revenue streams. Our business consulting services, including market analysis and go-to-market strategy development, will ensure you stand out from the competition and achieve your business goals. Trust ALSO to provide the resources and support you need to succeed in the cloud market.

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