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Smart Solutions – knowledge for smart partners

Combining innovative technologies, services and business models to increase efficiency and usability

ALSO created our Smart Solutions knowledge base to offer practical help and in-depth knowledge source to partners and customers.

Browse through our verticals and explore a detailed library of devices, connectivity and application offers to deploy your IoT solutions.

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Endless Possibilities

The available functionalities are not limited to measurements only and collecting varied data.

Thanks to combining the solutions of the Internet of Things with Big Data technologies it is possible to obtain significant business knowledge from devices which contribute to the streamlining of processes, cost optimization and improving your customer’s environmental footprint.

The knowledge base for smart solutions

We created our Smart Solutions knowlege base to offer practical help and an in-depth knowledge source to our partners.

For example system integrators, independent software developers, building automation companies, electrical system and video surveillance installers can find answers to questions like:

  • My customer has a challenge or goal; how do I satisfy their demand?
  • Do I build, buy, or partner to deliver this project?
  • Where can I find detailed information about building a solution?
  • What is the cost basis for the hardware and software needed for my offer?

Browse through our verticals containing a detailed library of vendor hardware and Software offers, and you will find answers to these questions and much more.

Industry Verticals

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Industry 4.0

More and more, the global production and supply network operate through automation of traditional manufacturing and industrial practices, using smart technology, large-scale machine-to-machine communication, and the IoT and operational Technology (OT).

This integration results in

  • increased automation
  • improved communication
  • self-monitoring

...and the use of smart machines that analyze and diagnose issues without human intervention.

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Logistics & Tracking

Smart logistics and tracking helps manufacturers and logistics companies gain performance and efficiency through analysis and tracking of supply chains. IoT monitoring technology can be embedded in virtually any shipping asset or vehicle to let you track its location in real-time, optimize inventory planning, and monitor environmental conditions.

Learn more about one of ALSO's own Solution Dolly+, a smart & secure logistic trolley or explore our vendor links to find the information you need.

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Smart Cities

Smart City solutions can reduce waste and improve performance for security, traffic control, lighting systems, waste disposal and critical infrastructure networks.

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A combination of smart farming and food technology is required to boost the agricultural output in order to meet the ever-increasing global demand for food while reducing environmental impact.

The agriculture sector at the same time faces constraints, such limited availability of arable land, the rising demand for fresh water and a slowdown in the growth yields.

Use of intelligent farming methods and food technology is part of the solution. The ongoing digitalization of agriculture has led to the adoption of sophisticated techniques for growing crops and breeding animals.

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Surveillance & Security

Smart Surveillance is the use of advanced video surveillance solutions and automized video analytics to enhance effectiveness of surveillance systems.

Through intelligent analysis of surveillance data companies, critical infrastructure providers and private persons can increase safety reliability and efficiency.

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Building Automation

Smart buildings, which connect building operations through the Internet of Things (IoT), simplify controlling building temperature, , humidity, water egress, security and maintenance.

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Augmented & Virtual Reality

Having the computing power of a laptop on a hands free headset which works per voice command opens up new ways to gain efficiency and safety in industry, manufacturing, logistics, health care and building industries.

Virtual reality, which immerses users in a completely virtual scenario constructed solely from digital elements is a key driver to increase usability and leverage opportunities in the Metaverse.

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