The future of PMR

Communication and connection

SEAMCOM specialises in immediate, sometimes life-saving, mission-critical and business-critical communications and telemetry. As a distributor, we have a unique position in the market from which we connect manufacturers and specialised resellers to create high-end PMR solutions.

Through our partner network and specialised dealers, we at SEAMCOM support companies that need to communicate securely, immediately and quickly at really important moments.

Communication and connectivity: anytime, anywhere and via any medium is our ultimate goal at SEAMCOM. We offer dedicated support to resellers so that they can focus on the end customer and share specific questions with manufacturers so that they can find new solutions.

Our offer

Divided into three topics

Solve & Deliver

Your distributor

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Innovate & Create

Innovate &

Wir setzen Ideen in ganzheitliche Lösungen um.

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Connect & Transform

Connect &

Wir gestalten die Zukunft der PMR-Welt. Zusammen!

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