Focused on a hybrid future.

Meaningful communication and connectivity.

SEAMCOM specializes in immediate, sometimes lifesaving, mission critical and businesscritical communication and telemetry. As a distributor we have a special position in the market from which we connect the manufacturers and resellers, to create high end PMR solutions.

Through special resellers we at SEAMCOM support companies that need to communicate securely, immediateand fast at moments that really matters. Communication and connectivity: always, everywhere and through every mediumis our number one goal at SEAMCOM. Therefore,we provide dedicated support to resellers to keep them focused on the end customer. We share specific questions with the manufacturer so that they can come up with new solutions.

A smartphone or
A receiver?

Wave PTX

To be honest,
It's both.


Our Past

How SEAMCOM started.

SEAMCOM was formed in 2010 from the former NT system area of Professional Mobile Radio (PMR). Over the years, SEAMCOM has developed intoGermany’s leading system distributor in this area with ongoing active operations throughout Europe.

Our Past

Our present

Where SEAMCOM stands today.

In the recent past, SEAMCOM has gone through some personnel changes and restructuring measures. Many new colleagues have come together in the SEAMCOM team and developed common visions and goals. As a sign of these further developments, SEAMCOM is now going public with a new brand identity in 2022.

Our Future

Our future

How SEAMCOM sees the future.

SEAMCOM's new generation of radio professionals is looking for innovative solutions. Together with you, in collaboration with ALSO and with interesting suppliers, we link existing solutions and new solutions.

We at SEAMCOM want to shake up the PMR market because we see the endless possibilities of broadband and the opportunities offered by the integration of radio technology and IT. We welcome everyone who shares their ideas and knowledge to develop smart solutions with us.

Let's reinvent the world of radio and IT and develop smart and surprising applications based on broadband technology.

How we are and what we do.

Our starting point can be summarized inthese words: Meaningful communication and connectivity.

At SEAMCOM we support companies and peoplein their communication with each other. For this we work together with a large partner network . In our SEAMCOM portfolio we have a wide variety of manufacturers with products for every individualneed.Depending on the customer's needs, we then develop concepts for a sustainable communication solution. One of our biggest manufacturers for communication solutions is Motorola Solutions.

At SEAMCOM we also recognize that technical developments are rapid. That is the reason whywe also ensure a connection with the future. We at SEAMCOM see the possibilities of communication and connectivity of the future. By thinking along and being open-minded we create solutions that connect people always, everywhere and through every medium.

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Dive into our three pillars:

Solve & Deliver

Solve &

Smart and secure, we'll make it happen

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Innovate & Create

Innovate &

We turn ideas into holistic solutions.

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Connect & Transform

Connect &

We shape the future of radio technology. Together!

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