Brands that SEAMCOM has in its portfolio.

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Motorola Solutions

Motorola Solutions is a manufacturer of safety-critical communication solutions for authorities and organizations with safety tasks (BOS) and companies. This contains analog radios (ring tone), DMR devices (mobile/portable/Atex), TETRA Industry devices (mobile/portable/ATEX) and TETRA BOS devices (mobile/portable).

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Radio Frequency Systems

Radio Frequency Systems (RFS) is a designer and a manufacturer in our portfolio who offers coaxial cable, antenna and tower systems, as well as active and passive RF filters. RFS takes care of supporting deployments in connected cities, from towers to the cables, antennas and filters needed to minimize interference and optimize real-world performance.

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Wempe develops charging mounts and programming stations to the best of their knowledge and belief so that they ultimately meet all requirements of customers.

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Kathrein SE is a German manufacturer of antennas and satellite technology. The brand has been a mark of quality for over 100 years and supplies products in the fields of SAT reception, broadband cable networks, camping and caravanning, DAB+ radios, network technology and passive DAS.

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Akkuplanet GmbH is a specialist and manufacturer for mobile communications and mobile energy.

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PROCOM is a leading antenna manufacturer with worldwide subsidiaries and agencies, filter and coupler products for professional and semi-professional applications.

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FunkTronic is a future-oriented company in the field of radio systems for BOS and professional radio.

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VIMCOM AG is a specialist provider of antennas and the assembly of coaxial cables.

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ATS Elektronik

ATS Elektronik GmbH is a manufacturer who offers innovative hardware and software products in the field of communications, traffic and security technology.

Here you find ATS Elektronik in SEAMCOM webshop.

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In our portfolio we have Böckenholt as a manufacturer for storage bags, cases, and quivers for sensitive devices like radios.

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Mascot offers robust, dependable and certified solutions to all your charging needs.

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Imtradex is one of the leading manufacturers of headsets, PTT buttons and handheld devices for security-related communication.

Here you find Imtradex in SEAMCOM webshop.

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Schomandl GmbH & Co. KG offers professional mobile radio equipment like antennas, measurement instruments, DMR products and antenna line components.

Here you find Schomandl in SEAMCOM webshop.

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Radiodata GmbH is one of the leading PMR providers in Germany.

Here you find Radiodata GmbH in SEAMCOM webshop.

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Smarteq develops and delivers high-performing, robust, and reliable antenna solutions.

Here you find Smarteq antennas in SEAMCOM webshop.

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At Holmberg GmbH & Co. KG, dynamic sound transducers, microphones, headsets and handsets are created using the highest quality standards.

Here you find Holmberg in SEAMCOM webshop.

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Delock enriches the IT hardware market with new products, innovations, bestsellers and niche products.

Here you find Delock in SEAMCOM webshop.

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ZONITH Alarm Control System delivers solutions for staff who need protection against threats and violence at work. Their emergency buttons help protecting staff in municipalities, psychiatry, healthcare, education, industry, retail and many other areas.

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COPACKS for mobile systems is an own brand of Akkuplanet GmbH. The professional COPACKS range includes high-quality batteries and chargers as well as modern communication accessories for analogue and digital two-way radios.

Here you find COPACKS in SEAMCOM webshop.

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Kilchherr Elektronik AG is a hardware and software development company that specializes in emergency situations & transfer of manual alarms.

Here you find Kilchherr in SEAMCOM webshop.

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SmartPTTplus is an integrated voice and data dispatch software application for Motorola MOTOTRBOTM radio systems. SmartPTTplus provides convenient and flexible services to dispatchers, managers and employees, streamlining organization’s financial, human and time resources.

Learn more about SmartPTTplus here

Klein Kommunikationstechnik

The range of the services of Klein Kommunikationstechnik GmbH includes individual solutions, services and products in the areas of alarms, control center technology, radio technology, special vehicles, information and communication technology and video technology.

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RealWear is the industry leader in high-performance, voice-enabled headset computers and wearable assisted reality solutions.

Here you find Realwear in SEAMCOM webshop.

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FIMO is a leading company in the innovative telecommunications sector. This manufacturer conceives, designs and implements solutions to support the development of telecommunications infrastructures in the world.

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Motorola Solutions combined the best of Vertex Standard's portfolio with their industry-leading two-way radio lineup on 1st of January in 2018 and those products now carry the Motorola Solutions brand. This alignment maximizes the strengths of both names to best serve the marketplace.

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Assmann Electronic GmbH

The ASSMANN Group is a globally operating manufacturer in our portfolio who offers high-quality products for data network technology and network infrastructure.

Here you find Assmann Electronic GmbH in SEAMCOM webshop.

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