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We offer access to a broad spectrum of 100 000 buyers, amongst them around 50 000 SMB resellers, who can call up further customized services in the logistics, finance, IT, and digital services sectors, as well as traditional distribution services.

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Net sales in the traditional transactional business model (Supply) include business with optimized trading processes and logistics for the IT, consumer electronics, and telecommunication sectors.

In the Solutions business, ALSO provides project-based support in particular to small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) on questions of IT architecture and design, rapidly translates requirements into specific configurations, and monitors the status of projects.

In the as-a-Service business ALSO acts as a service provider rather than a seller. The services offered are called up as needed and remunerated with variable payments based on usage.

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Around 4000 employees in 18 countries

We are constantly searching for the talents of today and tomorrow. Come to ALSO and grow with us. To find current open positions just click on the relevant country in the map.

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The dynamics of the ICT industry makes it necessary to optimize functions and processes continuously and requires investment in new platforms. Based on this responsibility ALSO has built a B2B marketplace. ALSO’s European B2B marketplace is the trading center for goods and services of the ICT industry. Exactly tailored to the needs and requirements of the most diverse customers.

Because of non-existent scaling effects, small and medium-sized buyers are not always served directly by the providers. Here, ALSO takes over, for example, the payment transactions, fine logistics, or credit controlling. Larger buyers, who for economic reasons also outsource functions and processes, have the possibility of downloading these from ALSO as modules.

For the provider, taking over these tasks results in a reduction of complexity, and thereby in easier access to the various channels and regions. Smaller providers, who have no country organization of theirown, use ALSO to obtain access to the market.