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Transform your services with Sustainable IT

After Green IT was introduced in mid 2000, sustainability seemed to be happening in other sectors for a long-time: in the energy sector, in the building industry, in the farming industry, even in the car industry. Now it has come back with a vengeance. IT can support countries and companies in their efforts to create a sustainable economy and stop climate change. Hybrid work is helping to significantly reduce the carbon footprint of companies. IoT can make traffic, buildings and manufacturing much more energy efficient. AI can optimize logistics or recognize new climate patterns.

So far, more efficient hardware and innovations in insulation and cooling systems have been able to support the growing electricity demand resulting from the steep increase of data generated. Based on the results of a 2020 EU commission study, professionals fear that the demand is becoming so strong that the hardware, software or infrastructure efficiency gains are no longer enough to compensate for the rise of the electricity demand.

Is the move to the public cloud a good thing in the light of energy efficiency or still a risky take, looking at security and data protection? Which ideas and solutions do the vendors have to take into consideration? How can distributors promote a circular economy in IT? During these discussions, we will talk about which solutions we can offer to our channel partners in helping their customers to establish a more sustainable IT.

Fiona O’Brien, EMEA Chief Channel Officer and Head of EMEA Operations, Lenovo, Joacim Damgard, COO CEE, Microsoft, Pierre-Yves Dutang, Distribution Director Europe at APC by Schneider Electric and Gustavo Möller-Hergt, CEO ALSO Holding AG, will discuss these and other questions in the “Sustainable IT” panel.

Transform your services with sustainable IT