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ViND - Shipping on behalf of third parties

We deliver on your behalf

Within the framework of our logistics services, we also offer shipping of the ordered goods on behalf of third parties. This means that upon delivery, the recipient will receive a delivery note with a delivery note using your company’s format. To do this, within just 2 - 3 business days we create a sample delivery note based on a predefined format and add your information. The package labels can also be altered to use your company name - ensuring that we go unnoticed by your customer.

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There are many advantages to shipping on behalf of third parties: Avoid refusal of acceptance, because your customers receive packets with your return address, rather than that of an unknown company. For each job, you can specify the end customer order number and a contact person with their telephone number. This improves customer satisfaction and makes a professional impression.

Shipping on behalf of third parties includes the following advantages:

  • No need to store the goods
  • No planning of material requirements and ordering expenses
  • No goods receipt check and stock putaway
  • No loss risk for the goods (insurance)
  • No value risk for the stock
  • No picking and shipping costs
  • No capital commitment
  • You benefit from the use of the efficient SEAMCOM logistics system
  • 24h delivery – we deliver up to 97% of orders on the next working day, provided the order entered our system by 18:00 on the previous day.