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Your partner for analogue and digital radio communication technology

We at SEAMCOM GmbH & Co. KG market and supply small and medium-sized enterprises with products, solutions and services in the field of professional analogue and digital radio technologies We focus on narrow-band applications and creating seamless transitions from narrowband to broadband network access technologies.

Formed in 2010 from the former NT system area of Professional Mobile Radio (PMR), today we are Germany’s leading system distributor in this area with ongoing active operations throughout Europe. Our customers include radio equipment dealerships, ICT retailers and installers, for which we develop solutions that are tailor-made to meet the respective requirements. We provide the necessary hardware and provide speedy and reliable technical support. We work with reliable manufacturers and suppliers of world-leading technologies.

Among other things, we provide the following products and services in the field of professional mobile radio (PMR):

  • Analogue radio: 70 cm, 2 m, and 4 m solutions
  • BOS radio (authorities and organisations with security tasks): 2 m and 4 m solutions
  • Digital radio (according to the ETSI standard TETRA and DMR): 70 cm and 2 m solutions building / object radio: 70 cm and 2 m solutions
  • PMR applications
  • Solutions from all above fields - we put together packages of hardware and software and combine them to create applicable partner solutions
  • Training courses

Our strong partner: ALSO Deutschland GmbH

In the back-office and logistics sector, we are profiting from our partnership with ALSO Deutschland GmbH, whose European B2B Marketplace is one of the largest transhipment centers for ITC goods and services. It operates state-of-the-art logistics systems on approximately 150,000 sqm at various locations in Germany. Orders for warehousing until 6 pm will be dispatched the same day - also in the name of third parties - and can be tracked by the customer online. We also cooperate with ALSO Germany in the area of training and offer a comprehensive offer in our ITK academy.

Comfortable order via our online shop

Customers have a comprehensive overview of availability and delivery times for countless products through our online shop 24 hours a day. Thanks to the optimized catalog structure, a comfortable and simple article search with a search function as well as numerous search filters is available. Through the shop, we also provide comprehensive, daily updated price lists of the entire assortment with individual shopping trips and on request further functions available. In addition, we offer our customers detailed product data sheets with product pictures, suitable accessories and possible alternative products, which can be inserted into their own online shops.