As a dedicated business partner, customer benefits are our top priority.

As a committed business partner, our top priority is to provide benefit to our customers – our vendors, specialist distributors, resellers, retailers, and etailers.

This naturally includes excellent and personal service as well as competence and competitiveness. Our aim is to build long-term business partnerships on which our customers can rely. To achieve this goal, we live and work according to our business philosophy:

  • We provide more customer benefit than our competitors
  • We only promise what we can deliver
  • We are personally committed to every one of our customers
  • We cultivate long-term partnerships
  • We measure ourselves against the zero-error principle

Our strategic goals

  • To be the number one or two in ICT distribution in all countries where we are active.
  • To increase our sales revenue and profitability by continuous growth.
  • To secure our cost-leadership by constant process optimization.
  • To access the largest possible number of customers and achieve their highest-possible satisfaction.
  • To offer our business partners greater benefits than comparable competitors with innovative services.
  • To be the leading distribution partner of all vendors with which we work.
  • To be the most attractive employer, since our employees are the key to our success.
  • To be always a reliable, socially oriented, and ecologically responsible company in all that we do.