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Working for ALSO

We have a very open corporate culture.

Important elements of this culture differentiate us from other employers.

The ALSO House

Through careful selection of our employees, we create the conditions for peak performance. Attractive job content, a focus on self-responsibility, collaborative personnel management and excellent development opportunities foster the satisfaction of our employees.

Our principles:

  • We provide more customer benefits than our competitors.
  • We promise only what we can deliver.
  • We are personally committed to every single customer.
  • We cultivate long-term partnerships.
  • We measure ourselves against the zero-error principle.

Our personnel guidelines:

The personnel guidelines expresses what we expect of each other and how we associate with each other.

  • We expect commitment, flexibility and a sense of personal responsibility.
  • We reward individual effort and the company's success.
  • We act courageously and fairly, and meet with respect.
  • We develop individuals and teams for the benefit of the organization.

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct is the foundation of our corporate ethics. It guides all our commercial activities and daily interactions. Our Code of Conduct can be summarised by the following basic rules:

  • We respect human dignity and human rights. Every employee at ALSO receives the same opportunities without discrimination.
  • We follow the laws of our respective jurisdiction as well as internal regulations and commitments. In particular this applies to the prohibition of entering into anti-competitive agreements and the prohibition of accepting or offering improper advantages.
  • We avoid entering into a conflict of interest to the detriment of ALSO, in particular, it is not permitted to engage in activities that compete with ALSO.
  • We keep secret confidential information like business, financial or technical data of ALSO and other confidential internal documents and data.
  • We are asked to assist in the enforcement of the ALSO principles of conduct and to pay attention to the company’s reputation.