Corporate Governance

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Code of conduct

The Code of Conduct is the foundation of our corporate ethics

It guides all our commercial activities and daily interactions. Our Code of Conduct can be summarised by the following basic rules:

Human Dignity & Human Rights

We respect human dignity and human rights. Every employee at ALSO receives the same opportunities without discrimination.


We keep confidential information like business, financial or technical data of ALSO and other confidential internal documents and data secret.

Company Reputation

We are asked to assist in the enforcement of the ALSO principles of conduct and to pay attention to the company’s reputation.

Avoid Conflicting Competition

We avoid entering into a conflict of interest to the detriment of ALSO, in particular, it is not permitted to engage in activities that compete with ALSO.

Agreements and Advantages

We follow the laws of our respective jurisdiction as well as internal regulations and commitments. In particular this applies to the prohibition of entering into anti-competitive agreements and the prohibition of accepting or offering improper advantages.

Articles of Incorporation of ALSO Holding AG

Dated 21 March 2024.