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We help partners to integrate, market and sell their new solutions

We are 100% channel driven

Of course, we always have the end user in mind, even though we don't work directly with business customers.

Our partners are IT resellers, Hosters, MSPs, ISV and SI that want to optimise, modernise and transform their business, and that of their customers, through the power of technology.

Find out, which added value we can offer the various customer groups of the ALSO Cloud Marketplace.

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Microsoft cloud solution provider (CSP program)


Business customer

Independent software Vendor (ISV)

Managed service provider (MSP)

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

System Integrator (SI) & Value Add Reseller (VAR)

CSP Program

Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider Program

The Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) Program helps deliver better cloud solutions to customers and generate recurring revenue streams through your cloud software portfolio.

Enjoy the ability to offload your administrative infrastructure and focus on what matters most – customer relations and sales. By registering in the ALSO Cloud Marketplace, you can automatically enjoy the benefits of the Microsoft Cloud Solution (CSP) Program.

We are proud to be one of the leading Microsoft partners in Europe and to be able to help our partners become value-added resellers.


Managed Service Provider

We support you in the transformation from a classic business model to a Managed Service Provider and assist you in your further development.

Our migration strategy with its tried and tested process flow will help you with the transition. In each of the phases you will find a variety of important and useful materials for a successful transformation. We also support you hands-on.


Independent Software Vendor

Are you a cloud service provider and wondering how to expand your reach?

Join the ALSO ISV Network and gain access to the largest Cloud Marketplace in Europe with thousands of resellers and their end customers ready to buy.

ALSO Cloud Marketplace is where ISVs and Channel Partners come together to manage various services in local ALSO Marketplaces.

Become an ISV

Benefits for an ISV

All under one roof - End to end, integrated support brings businesses and customers closer together

All under one roof

Give channel partners the convenience of bundling your services with other cloud solutions for value-added offerings

Spotlight your portfolio

Spotlight your portfolio

Position your service offering a click away from thousands of resellers and their customers in the ALSO Cloud Marketplace

Find your niche

Find your niche

Create unique offers and order subscriptions to seize customer upsell opportunities

Launch faster

Launch faster

Be the early bird by getting your services to market in days – not weeks or months

Experience high-value customer

Experience high-value customer

Establish yourself as your channel’s trusted ISV and take advantage of the proven demand for cloud services

Cut costs

Cut costs

Invoice flexibly based on service consumption. Now even more streamlined with our API

Best in class support

Best-in-class support

End to end, integrated support brings businesses and customers closer together



Pre-define everything from prices to portal aesthetics – and everything in between


Platform as a Service

Partners and Distributors

Outside of Europe, the ALSO Cloud Marketplace is also offered as Platform as a Service.

This allows regional distributors to offer their customers a broad SaaS and IaaS spectrum as well as a comprehensive portfolio of managed services and connectivity services.

The ACMP's PaaS offering is also interesting for customers who have their own vertical portfolio, whether in education, for the industrial or the health sector.

This allows them to comprehensively expand their offering to customers and significantly scale business and revenue.

Become a PaaS Partner


System Integrator & Value Add Reseller

ALSO’s expertise in technical service provision provides System Integrators (SI) & Value Add Reseller (VAR) with the building blocks required to design and implement a unified IT solution for their clients.

It’s ideal for those looking to expand their service portfolio but are constrained by resources and capital.

With ALSO, you can take disparate hardware and software subsystems to create comprehensive IT landscapes that are greater than the sum of their parts.


ALSO empowers Hosters to stand out from the crowd to deliver a better, more diversified cloud offering.

The growing number of public cloud providers – such as Microsoft and Amazon – has led to a crowded market, making it imperative to leverage hybrid cloud benefits to transform your business.

ALSO supports partners by

  • reducing manual work with automated SPLA reporting
  • helping to modernise their data centers
  • and expanding their offers into the public cloud

We also support partners in transitioning your customers to digital – all to make the cloud journey as seamless as possible.

Business customer

ALSO does not compete with service providers - it complements them. We let you leverage our expertise so you can focus on yours.

Opting for the Software or Infrastructure as a Service model provides resource and scaling flexibility to partners that are establishing themselves in the cloud.

It allows you to focus on your core business model such as sales, marketing and account management, rather than investing in costly hardware and software, not to mention the related procurement processes.

Just as ALSO relies on partners to build relationships with customers, partners can rely on ALSO for a flexible and fully-fledged service with cybersecurity at its core.

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