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Our Company Strategy

ALSO's strategy follows two guidelines: MORE, our corporate strategy, which aims to grow our business, and LESS, our sustainability strategy, which aims to minimize our footprint.

The two strategies are closely interconnected and guide our approach to sustainable growth and responsible corporate governance.


Our Business Strategy

Introduced in 2011, the MORE strategy embodies our commitment to sustainable profitable growth while maintaining the capital structure and increeasing profitability. It comprises four key activities:


Stands for securing what has already been achieved, further expansion of the ecosystem or, in developed markets, keeping the dominant position.


We continuously improve our business models and processes to enhance operational excellence and achieve financial success.


While growing with our transactional business model, we aim to significantly increase the share of net sales generated from solution- and service-oriented as-a-Service business models.


Through strategic acquisitions, we strengthen our position, be it by creating presences in new countries, reinforcing the position in already existing markets or through acquisitions in the area of digital platforms.


Our Sustainable Engagement

Responsible corporate management is essential to us, encompassing sustainable growth, ethical conduct, and improving people’s quality of life through technology. Our LESS sustainability strategy focuses on four key areas:


We reduce our footprint by implementing measures such as the reduction of CO2 emissions and energy consumption, efficient waste management, and transitioning to sustainable energy sources.


We enhance our sustainability reporting and promote responsible resource use within the company, further reducing our environmental impact through comprehensive monitoring and reporting.


Cybersecurity is a critical aspect of increasing digitalization. We prioritize data security, privacy protection, compliance, and risk management, ensuring sustainable corporate development and providing security for our employees and customers.

We also create and secure jobs through the economic success of the company.


We actively contribute to the development of society by making digital skills and knowledge accessible, particularly to children and young people. Through local initiatives in our national companies, we empower local communities and promote digital literacy.

In-depth information

These strategies, MORE and LESS, are at the core of our company’s values, driving our sustainable growth and responsible business practices.

For more information on our economic track record, have a look at our latest
Annual Report.

For more information on our sustainability initiatives, please visit our dedicated sustainability page.

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