ALSO Cloud Summit 2024

Strategy for Success & Technical Excellence 16 and 17 october 2024

Netherlands and Belgium

ALSO Cloud Summit – Strategy for Success & Technical Excellence

Discover the future of cloud technology, data, and AI. Delve into The Road to Cyber Security, The Road to Compliance, The Road to AI, and The Road to Cloud during the ALSO Cloud Summit '24.

Identity protection. NIS 2.0. Copilot, and much more. At the ALSO Cloud Summit '24, we delve deeper into the anticipated future of cloud. In various sessions, you will expand your knowledge, and there will also be opportunities to network and explore different brands.

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ALSO Cloud Summit '23


Bas Haring

What exactly is artificial intelligence? Will algorithms determine our lives in the future? How would it feel if there were devices that are smarter than humans in the near future? And are those machines truly intelligent or just fake smart? Artificial intelligence, or ‘computer intelligence’, makes our lives a lot easier. But it’s also a bit exciting because what awaits us? Bas encourages his audience to think about the possibilities and threats of increasingly capable computers.

Bas Haring (1968) received his PhD in Artificial Intelligence and is a special professor of Public Understanding of Science at Leiden University. He has an exceptional talent for making complex subjects accessible to large audiences, for which he was awarded the Duidelijketaalprijs (Clear Language Award). On television, Bas Haring appeared in the programs "Stof en Haring" and was part of the panel in "Proefkonijnen".


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ALSO Cloud Summit 2024
– Netherlands (16 october)

Fort Voordorp
Voordorpsedijk 28b, 3737 BK Groenekan, The Netherlands

ALSO Cloud Summit 2024
– Belgium (17 october)

Kasteel Tivoli
Antwerpsesteenweg 92, 2800 Mechelen, Belgium


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ALSO Cloud Summit – Strategy for Success & Technical Excellence
16 and 17 October 2024