What we delete stays deleted

Data security and erasure

We’ve long been ahead of our time. When policymakers were still chewing over data security, we were already putting it into practice. So when you sell us your hardware, we can guarantee the security of any data left on those devices.

Thanks to our comprehensive erasure process, we ensure any data or data fragments still on your devices will be irretrievably deleted. In addition, we can also anonymize the exterior of your equipment. We undergo annual data security auditing and certification, ensuring compliance with DIN EN ISO 27001:2013 and DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. For data erasure, we use a certified so ware solution called Blancco. This tried‐and‐tested product was first launched almost 25 years ago and has since been continually improved – today, it ’s the industry standard.

It means that once your data is erased, nothing will remain except peace of mind.

About Blancco

More than any other professional data erasure so ware, Blancco stands for security, quality and reliability. Its security and functionality is regularly verified and certified by independent authorities, while its variety of erasure standards and wide‐ranging integration and automation options make it a highly flexible all‐round solution.

Webinstore has more than 100 developers working on the seamless integration of Blancco – on software maintenance and updates as well as on the ongoing optimization of interfaces.

When it comes data security, Webinstore and Blancco are a team you can rely on.