Communication solutions for your retail department

As current trends continue, we are seeing an increased preference for radio communication solutions in both the private and the professional environment. We can tell you everything you need to know about radio connectivity – from its clear advantages to its various areas of application in the retail environment (branch/store radio communication networks).

Where is radio technology used?

Radio technology is a communication solution. It is used to exchange information with colleagues quickly, easily and confidentially. It has widely varying areas of application. Just click through the different topics below to browse some different application concepts for radio communication solutions.

What are the advantages of a radio communication solution?

A radio communication solution has many advantages. This is why many customers already use this solution. Some of the advantages at a glance:

- Huge time and travel savings, leading to increased efficiency
- Optimized communication due to constant availability of all colleagues
- Improved customer service based on rapid exchange of information and minimized noise levels
- Improved security for employees and customers in the event of theft and fire alarms
- Improved team spirit

How soon does a communication solution pay off?

The great advantage of a radio communication solution is that it leads to savings due to improved efficiency. This means that the radio solution has usually paid for itself within three or four months:

A communication solution of this type can also lead to increased sales due to improved customer service.

Can the communication solution be extended?

Our communication solution is far more than just the radio equipment that we provide. We can expand your solution in various areas: from machine interfaces to the installation of customer bells and targeted information about the customer - all connected using radio technology.

To do this we work with various manufacturers to provide you with a custom solution that has been tailored for your specific application area

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11 good reasons for your communication solution from SEAMCOM

Many years of extensive experience

With SEAMCOM you are choosing a provider with many years of extensive experience in equipping different customer sectors with a radio communication solution. SEAMCOM is Europe's largest and most successful distributor of Motorola radio technology. SEAMCOM is also the market leader for radio communication solutions in the European retail sector. Together with our partners, we have equipped nearly 25,000 stores in 30 countries with 300,000 radio devices.

High-quality products

With radio devices from the world market leader Motorola, you are opting for high-quality products that meet every requirement. SEAMCOM and Motorola have enjoyed an excellent and successful partnership for many years.

Immediate usability

Another good reason is the immediate usability of the radio communication solution from SEAMCOM. No installation necessary - the radio technology can be used immediately: it couldn’t be quicker or easier.

Security from third parties

With custom programming solutions, we can increase your protection from eavesdropping. This ensures that unauthorized third parties can not overhear your communications.

Quick delivery even in high quantities

Thanks to the logistical network of our parent company, ALSO Deutschland GmbH, we can also process your request for large quantities within a short time in order to ensure a rapid rollout.

Rental possible

If you are not already enthusiastic about a radio communication solution, we can offer you a low-cost rental option that allows you to test our radio technology.

On-site training

All Motorola radio devices are easy to use. We also offer on-site training or alternatively, a webinar. We benefit from our 600 specialist retail partners who can support you on site. We are pleased to share our experience and expertise with you, providing you with tips on using radio technology.

Clear documentation

In addition to training, we also provide further documentation on the smooth and efficient use of the radio communication solution. This includes documents such as instruction manuals, informational materials, posters for you and your customers, or even commissioning videos.

Technical and legal hotline

If you have any queries when operating our solution (e.g. from a technical or legal point of view), we can offer a hotline to provide you with the help you need as quickly as possible.

Extension of the communication solution

Our communication solution is far more than just the radio equipment that we provide. We can expand your solution in various areas: from machine interfaces to the fitting of customer bells and targeted information about the customer - all connected using radio technology.

Various financing options

If you still feel the purchase price of our communication solution too high despite the attractive conditions, we can also offer you various financing options, such as different leasing models.

Your contact person

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