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Smart Industry

In the Smart Industry sector, the new technical possibilities make processes more convenient, safer and more efficient. Production processes and services are interlinked by modern information and communication technology - from development to production, use, maintenance and recycling.

Solution partner in the Smart Industry sector

The aim of RealWear is to support people in their working environment and thus to ensure more safety and higher productivity at the workplace.

The RealWear "Head Mounted Tablet" HMT-1, is the first robust Android-class tablet to be worn on the head. It ensures that hands are free at all times to work on machines or provide help through voice control, with which documents can be opened and viewed.

RealWearHMT-1 Brochure

  • HMT-1 (Head Mounted Tablet RealWear HMT-1)
  • HMT-1Z1 (Instrinsically Safe)
  • Overview of all accessories
  • The Solution (HMT-1/HMT-1Z1 // Hard- and Software)
  • The Platform (RAINBOW - Communication Platform as a Service)
  • Die App (SEAMCOM Connect Software)

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Minimization of downtimes

Whether machine, employee or entire plant - downtime can quickly become expensive for all stakeholders!

Reduce costs and protect the environment

less travel means less costs - regardless of who has to bear them. Sustainability also plays a role here: less travel means less CO² emissions.

Finding solutions faster reduces machine and plant downtime

Together you know more, you see more and you can solve problems faster. In addition, the service technician is not completely alone on site and can count on additional expert support from all over the world at any time.

Shorter induction/training times

The shortage of skilled workers plays a role everywhere today. With the HMT-1 something can be counteracted. Even over long distances, the new employee or trainee is not alone and can be controlled and guided via appropriate applications with live video streaming.

Documentation of malfunctions

With the help of the HMT-1 and the recording function of the video camera, processes can be documented very easily.

Even more complex work processes or very special techniques can be recorded in the simplest way and from the point of view of the worker/expert and do not get lost.