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– enabling the Next Normal​

Hi AI – enabling the Next Normal​

What is AI?

While we are still a long way off creative, let alone emotional machines, all of us have already used applications which are based on AI. Let us give you just one example: when you contact a service provider, you might start a conversation with a chat bot – it will collect data like your customer number etc., identify your problem and sometimes even solve it. If not, it will transfer you to a live agent. These bots become better and better, because they are able to learn, based on customer reactions, engagement time and other parameters.

What is AI capable of today?

So even though we cannot expect AI to answer mankind’s fundamental questions anytime soon, AI can be very useful when:

  • the volume of your data became too big for analyzing it manually or by using conventional algorithms
  • the speed of taking a decision based on the existing data is very important
  • the prediction accuracy is more important than the explainability

One example to illustrate what we mean by this: Carolyn Mc-Gregor, a Canadian scientist, recorded 1,200 data points per second from premature babies, including vital signs. This enabled her to identify a pattern that can detect an infection that is often fatal to premature babies 24 hours before it occurs. The 'pattern' being that these vital signs become stable from one second to the next. A fact which is outright counterintuitive, as you would expect values to deteriorate. There simply is no causality, only correlation – which big data helped making visible.

Do I have to be a secret Einstein to participate in CTV’s AI-related events?

Feel no fear – we are not going to take you through tangled neuronal nets and hypercomplex equations. Together, we will explore the pros and cons of resolving a problem using AI tools vs. using conventional algorithms. We will also share different ideas how to respond to your customers’ needs in the Next Normal, caused by e.g. increased online communications, remote working places, increased online sales, analyzing video communications and/or other similar challenges.

You learn the most when you try things yourself. This is exactly what we at ALSO are doing with any new technology. After working on a number of AI-based projects, we consider AI as an essential tool to optimize and improve our own business processes.

What to expect at CTV?

Get to know the latest trends as well as marketable solutions from Senior Vice President AI Peter Ivanov. Get inspired at our “Hi AI Roundtable”, where vendors and ALSO experts discuss how we can utilize AI solutions to improve the performance of businesses. Get down to business with our AI consultants and find ways to market and sell AI applications to your customers.

Are you ready to learn more?

Gain the knowledge and confidence you need to take your business to the next level. Join us at our virtual Channel Trends+Visions 19. May 2021.

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