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Use our expertise for your customers

The information and telecommunications industry is one of the fastest-moving sectors, constantly providing all its actors with new challenges.

"To ensure you are always up-to-date and able to inform your customers about the latest relevant product and software information, the ICT Academy, operated by SEAMCOM and ALSO Deutschland provides a wide range of versatile training. We want to share our knowledge with you! Provide your customer’s with even more competent support!

Among other things, the SEAMCOM ICT Academy provides:

  • convenient online registration
  • intuitive keyword search by areas (analog radio, digital radio, DMR, Indoor Coverage Solutions, TETRA or service)
  • seminar search by periods
  • not just SEAMCOM training, but also manufacturing training courses
  • clear details about venue, speakers and content
  • map or hotel recommendations
  • with personal logins, it is possible to change or add data for booked seminars
  • listing and booking webinars


Your contact person:

Photo of Vincze-Aron Szabo
Vincze-Aron Szabo Head of Marketing Phone+49 541 77064 8150 E-mail v.szabo@seamcom.de