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About Dropsuite?

Dropsuite takes your end-user's data protection seriously. With a strong global presence and as a market-leading data security provider, you can be sure that whatever data is stored with them, is safe. Dropsuite provides comprehensive backup and recovery solutions that cover both Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace, ensuring data protection across these widely used productivity platforms.

Dropsuiteā€™s solution:

With their advanced and intuitive platform, say goodbye to data headaches! Dropsuite ensures that your customer’s business-critical data is backed up, archived, and fortified. From emails, files, and databases like SharePoint, it’s all covered.

Dropsuite created an automated platform, making it a breeze for MSPs like you to manage your clients' data. Now you can focus on growing your business and offering top-notch services, while having the peace of mind that your customer's data is protected.


How ALSO and Dropsuite work together:

The ALSO and Dropsuite partnership allows you to gain access to competitive pricing and scalable solutions, alongside extensive support for your business. Our partnership makes data protection seamless, accessible, and ultimately, hassle-free for MSPs. This puts you in the driver's seat, enabling you to focus on what matters - delivering outstanding service to your clients.

Why Choose ALSO and Dropsuite:

Trusted by global businesses

Reliable and user-friendly data protection

Easily available via the ALSO Cloud Marketplace

Competitive pricing and scalability

Comprehensive MSP support via ALSO Premium Support

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