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Looking forward to seeing you this year!


September 7th 2018


Scandic Hotel Fornebu

We will be kick-starting the day with an opening show in Atlantis

Look forward to an exciting opening show and inspirational introduction by ALSO and Key Note Speaker Eirik Normann Hansen.

After the opening show the customers will be divided into 7 groups. Our dedicated staff will guide them through the event, making sure they visit all the vendors during the day.

After the professional sessions we will be entertained at the Halftime Show in Atlantis, before taking a little break. We meet again in the evening for a delicious dinner, award ceremony and entertainment with award-winning programmer Bård Tufte Johansen.

After the dinner we meet at the piano bar, where pianist Trond Slyngstadli will entertain us until late night hours.

Changes may occour.

08.45 Registration
09.45 Opening session
Welcome by ALSO
Key Note Speaker: Eirik Norman Hansen
Presentation Group Leaders
10.30 Pause
10.45 Professional exhibition, part 1
11.25 Pause
11.35 Professional exhibition, part 2
12.15 Lunch
13.15 Professional exhibition, part 3
13.55 Pause
14.10 Professional exhibition, part 4
14.50 Pause
15.05 Professional exhibition, part 5
15.45 Pause
16.00 Professional exhibition, part 6
16.40 Pause
16.50 Professional exhibition, part 7 (After this session you can start taking down your stand).
17.30 Pause
17.45 Halftime show
18.30 Free time
19.30 Cocktails
20.00 Gala Dinner (Dress code: Semi-formal)
Awards ceremony
23.00 After party

Add-ons to your stand

What you can borrow from the hotell, free of charge.

There is no need to pree book theese items. Let us know if you have special requests other than whats listed below.

  • Conference tables (80 cm x 1,20 meter)
  • Chairs
  • White tablecloths
  • Electricity
  • Wi-Fi

You must bring the necessary marketing equipment yourself.

For Gold partners, we recoment to have chairs in your room if possible. Our customers have a long day walking throught the event, and they appreciate to rest their feets once in a while.

Rigging your stand

Please respect the specified times of rigging.

Vendors in Silver and Gold

When you can start rigging your stand:
Thursday, September 6th from kl. 18.00.

Room key
You will have your own key to the room, and all your gods are safe in your room.

Can you arrive sooner?
The roomes are booket from kl. 18.00. Your room might be booket by other customers before this time.

Clearing out
You must clear out your room by kl. 12.00 Saturday morning. You can store gods in the hotel basement until monday morning. Read more about this under the section "Shipping".

Vendors in Bronze

When you can start rigging your stand:
Thursday, September 6th from kl. 18.00. Please respect this time.The ALSO Street will be under construction before this time, and there will not be room for you to start earlier.

It is important that vendors in ALSO street (Bronze) are finished set up with products no later than 08.30 Friday morning when the first customers start arriving.

Clearing out
All Bronze must clear out by 19.00 on Friday. We have available staff from the event agency and the hotel who can help you. You can store gods in the hotel basement until monday morning. Read more about this under the section "Shipping".


You are welcome to serve refreshments at your stand.


You can not bring your own food and drinks. Refreshments like mineral water, fruit, tapas etc. must be ordered to the hotel no later than a week prior to the event. Fill out the refreshements booking form, and email it to our contact person at Scandic Fornebu. They have more items available other what is listed in this form. Contact the hotel if you have any requests.

Download form (doc)

You are allowed to hand ut eatable give aways like candy and you can borrow bowls from the hotel if needed.

Alcoholic beverages

You are also free to serve beer or wine at your stand after kl. 16.50. This is when the last proffessional session begings, and the customers apreciate a little refreshments at this time. If you want this offer at your stand, book directly to the hotell using the same form as for refreshements.

Drink Coupons

On request we can print drink coupons with your logo. The coupons are valid in the hotel bar, and can be handed out during the day by your self or our sales team. It is a nice and welcoming gesture to do.

50 coupons cost 6.000,- NOK.
100 coupons cost 12.000,- NOK.

Send an email to Irene at ALSO to order them.


Ship your items directly to the hotel.

Before the event

If you need to ship gods to the hotel prior to the event, you can do that starting September the 1st. If you are shipping from a location outside of Norway, please consider a possible delay in border customs.

Mark your gods with "ALSO", as well as your company name and contact person.

Scandic Hotel Fornebu,
Martin Linges vei 2,
NO-1364, Fornebu, Norway

After the event

You can store gods at the hotell until monday September th 10th.

If you are sending someone else to pick it the items up, you need to make sure that your gods are clearly marked with sender and receiver information.

Comptetitions and prizes

Feel free to host a competition at your stand.


Remember to tell the visitors about your competition and give them time to do them. Be creative and let our resellers have some fun in between all the serious business talk.


There is no limit to the value of the prizes you can give, but all items must be registered. An representatant from ALSO will visit your stand during the day to register what type of comptetition you host.

We need to know

  • what the prize is
  • the value of it
  • type of competition

Make sure you have this information ready on the day of the event.

You can hand out your prize(s) to the winner during the Gala Dinner. The Award ceremony will take place between the appetizer and main course. You will get 1 minute to hand out your prize(s).


Don't forget to book accommodation for you and your team.

Use the booking code BALS060918 at Scandic Hotel Fornebu to get ALSOs discount.

Hotel information:
Address: Martin Linges vei 2, 1364 Fornebu
Phone: 21 05 70 00
Email: fornebu@scandichotels.com
Website: Visit