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Virtual fun

Cloud Gaming: Next level in the Gaming business

Just like many other IT-related business sectors, the gaming industry is booming – and changing. While streaming movies has quickly become a part of our everyday lives, streaming games will do so, too. Playing any game, on any device, at any location? That’s hard to beat! It is expected that the cloud gaming market will reach 8 Billion Euros worldwide by 2025. This obviously represents a huge potential for any business involved in cloud computing. But how do you gain a foothold in this (new) business?

At CTV 2021 you can experience ALSO’s Cloud Gaming Platform!

Together with LUDIUM Lab we level up the businesses of resellers and their customers, retailers, e-tailers and service providers by offering a scalable high-performance platform called Sora Stream. Players can choose from a catalogue with more than 150 games by international publishers like BigBen, Curve Digital, Milestones etc. Thanks to proprietary technology on interactive data stream and hybrid load balancing Sora Stream is offering the best performance in the market. Streaming with 60 frames per second in Full HD speaks for itself. The platform offers different subscription types, starting at 1-week subscriptions for a single users and going up to monthly subscriptions for individuals or families.

The service is very modular so it can adapt to different business needs. For example, retailers can add Sora Stream gift cards to their gaming portfolio or can bundle them with other gaming products and accessories. On the other hand, telecommunication providers and entertainment platforms can integrate the platform as part of their services under their own brand. A free trial or a 1-week subscription can also be a fun giveaway to promote consumer products. There’s no limit to creativity!

The movement has just begun. Let’s be ahead of customer expectations and demands, moving from the New Normal to the Next Normal!

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Virtual work

SW Virtualization: the key to migrate any software to the cloud without upfront investments.

Running more software and complete more processes with the same amount of hardware – sounds interesting? Running two or more operating systems using only one computer – sounds cost-efficient? It is! ALSO’s technology partner Ludium Lab offers a cloud-based B2B solution for software virtualization, which is executable for any running application while reliably reducing costs. The perfect fit for the Next Normal!

A wide spectrum of applications can benefit from this technology. Any legacy software that is only accessible on-premise yet can easily be placed in the cloud and accessed by many more users. Training software can be put in the cloud and accessed by any trainee from any device. Selling real state will never be the same, as immersive 360 degrees tours can be offered to any potential buyer from any device and without downloads. The opportunities are endless!

Here’s a quick overview of software virtualization advantages in cloud computing:

  • Flexibility! Users can modify software as required. As soon as the workload changes, adjustments can be made within minutes.
  • Security! VMs can strategically be isolated for virus scans.
  • Less downtime! Upgrades can often be obtained while the VM is running.
  • Efficiency! Eliminating the use of several devices reduces hardware expenses and costs for server maintenance and energy.
  • Testing! Giving new operating systems or software a try is much easier as no additional hardware is needed.

With proprietary technology on interactive data stream and hybrid load balancing, LUDIUM Lab offers best-in-class performance and user experience with software in the cloud. The patented algorithms reduce infrastructure costs by up to 4 times, compared to similar technologies.

Besides software virtualization the interactive streaming technology of Ludium Lab enables many more innovative applications such as streaming of augmented reality data, easy integration within AI solutions and cloud gaming.

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