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Remote Reality

Remote Reality

You don’t have to own the cinema to enjoy the movie

The as-a-service model and its advantages

Remote work will be a fundamental part of the Next Normal. Businesses want to be able to offer their teams the opportunity to remotely connect and collaborate as virtual teams. Moving their applications to the cloud provides them with the ease of use and security they are looking for. And what is best: moving to the cloud does not involve any major upfront investment. The flexibility to add licenses when needed and the adoption of monthly payments are additional benefits. 

For resellers, the ALSO Cloud Marketplace (ACMP) is the ideal digital platform that allows them to manage their Cloud solutions business based on a pay-per-use and subscription model. The ACMP enables resellers to offer a wide variety of product and own services, including everything needed for a digital workplace: software, storage, backup, cybersecurity, etc. All of them provided in a model that ensures recurring income for them and a flexible and scalable cost structure for their clients.

How to make the most of each digital workplace

But ACMP is much more than just an automatic provisioning tool. It is the most complete platform for sales, support, reporting and automated management. Depending on the size, orientation and location of a company, a unique user, meaning one specific IT workplace, can cost up to 5.000 euros per year. Monetizing each workplace in an as-a-service model is a great opportunity for channel partners and businesses alike. Via the ALSO Cloud Marketplace each unique user can be managed individually on an intuitive platform. Insights gained by the embedded business intelligence help identifying optimization needs and spot upselling opportunities. From fully digital workflows to cybersecurity, from backup and storage to becoming a comprehensive Managed Service Provider – there are many options for a successful development of your services.

AT CTV 2021 our experts will showcase different as-a-service solutions which complement the idea of monetizing unique users:

ALSO Automation

Finding the right configuration to deliver remote workplace solutions for customers is a time-consuming task for resellers. ALSO Automation allows creating remote workplace solutions which adopt the needs of customers to the fullest. Partners can unify deployments for different customers, utilize smart tagging for better cost tracking and scale teams to deliver even more remote workplaces for more customers.

ALSO Zero-Touch-Deployment & Device Management

ALSO Device Management offers the unique opportunity to combine zero-touch deployment and device management via the ALSO Cloud Marketplace. The integrated managing tool ADM makes the usage of Microsoft Autopilot and Intune as easy as possible.

ILiaaS (Intelligent Licensing as a Service) by aConTech

Our partner aConTech is offering a daily based billing of Microsoft Cloud licenses. By downgrading plans to the minimum on weekends users get the most out of every license.

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