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Next Working Environments

Work constantly evolves in order to meet the needs of both employees and employers. At this year’s virtual CTV we will introduce two specific solutions (amongst others) which support the idea of providing safe, future-proof Next Working Environments for everyone:


This solution helps to optimize office environments in terms of capacity and air quality, but also includes everything partners need to discover how IoT can increase their productivity the easy way.

By seamlessly integrating sensors and low range connectivity into the ALSO IoT Platform, the start of building an IoT-aided Next Working Environment is made in no time. Once the Workplace+ devices like sensors for table/room occupancy, air quality or noise level are attached to the ceiling or any desired object, they can be managed via the secure and scalable ALSO IoT Platform, which records and displays data.

By integrating this simple solution, workplaces can for example guarantee social distancing and a high level of hygiene. How? In combination with an intuitive app, the sensors allow to remotely book tables and conference rooms and ensure that workplaces were disinfected right after use. At the same time, the status info makes the usage of workspaces much more efficient, transparent and helps to optimize costs. Additionally, the real-time monitoring of air quality, temperature, humidity, noise and lighting improves comfort, productivity and performance.


Not everybody works in an office or remotely. During (and after) the pandemic the many people working in retail or the food service industry deserve special safeguards, which also protect their customers. The all-in-one IoT solution SafeSpace+ helps to supervise the amount of people in confined spaces, control public access and maintain healthy CO2 levels – without violating the GDPR.

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ALSO’s Solutions developing individual IT-solutions together!

Developments which would normally have made impacts over the course of several years were enormously accelerated by the current transformation of living and working conditions. Therefore, quick reactions and individual solutions are urgently required. In addition to the change in customer wishes and needs, new technologies and products have developed, making support at eye level more important than ever. ALSO's Solutions bring together what belongs together: by combining products, specific knowledge and resources new manufacturer-independent, benefit-based processes are created. Linking approaches from different sub-areas of the ALSO Ecosystem forms the core of the ALSO Solutions Business. Its aim is to bring the specific problems of end customers into focus in order to pave the way from a swiftly developed New Normal to a long-term Next Normal.

What challenges do end customers face? Where do needs and requirements in different industries overlap? How do you create permanent yet scalable solutions out of this? With its “everything from a single source”-concept the ALSO Solutions Stack forms the framework for every new solution concept. Starting with analysis and advice on financing concepts to installation, monitoring and even remarketing, ALSO partners receive a 360​​°-support that is tailored to the needs of their customers. With every new solution you get the chance to position yourself as an innovative, customer-understanding partner. Even services like the ALSO MSP concept, managed renting or smart licensing can individually be integrated into the vertical solutions across industries bringing more added value – for both ALSO partners and their customers.

At our virtual CTV 2021 you get the opportunity to dive into the world of ALSO Solutions. You will learn more about the ALSO Solutions Ecosystem and the Solutions Stack and get to know specific solutions from the areas of IoT, Infrastructure and Cloud, Collaboration and Modern Workplace. Don’t miss this trailblazing event!

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