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Protecting our digital world

Cybersecurity as a Service:
Win-win for channel partners and their customers

Our new remote reality is fragile and demands special treatment when it comes to cybersecurity. As a first step, customers need help in order to fully understand their individual cybersecurity status. In the second step, they need assistance in implementing full cybersecurity strategies. This is a new challenge for many resellers. ALSO security specialists are now collaborating across countries to assist partners with improved services. ALSO’s Cybersecurity Center of Competence makes lots of expert know-how available to resellers and accelerates individual support.

Exchange big boxes for OPEX!

The old-school idea that it needs a huge amount of money and big boxes of hardware to protect devices and infrastructures from threats or malware is still widely spread among customers. But as we are currently living in a pandemic, which forces us to change the way we work and live: Why not use this marathon of change to improve the customer cashflow? The transition from buying to consuming, from transactional to consumptional, means exploiting an extensive range of security services at a fixed monthly rate rather than making large investments. Software as a Service, Device as a service, IT as a service; these options allow companies to benefit from premium solutions that are agile and scalable at the least possible cost. The advantages of integrating cybersecurity into the as-a-Service offer are obvious, given the complex and fast-changing angles of attacks we are talking about.

Securing our New and Next Normal is a topic that will be relevant for a long time. At CTV 2021 we will show you several approaches to improve cybersecurity sales. Take the chance and make the most of it!

Better call Paul:
Security as a service

Regardless of the individual working environments, relying on a secure access to all customer and company data is necessary for every kind of business. At the same time, they must protect their intellectual property and knowledge as well as ensure that all relevant IT-regulations, laws, and company guidelines are respected. On top of all that, reducing costs is another important factor, especially now that IT teams are expected to have more innovation, security, and optimization expertise at hand than ever.

Therefore, there are some very good reasons for customers to outsource security measures, especially for small and medium-sized businesses:

  1. Cybersecurity is one of the fastest-developing areas in IT. At the same time, it is understandably not a core competency for SMBs. Since the focus of the company is on other things, there often is a lack of resources to constantly follow the latest trends, assess the risks, and meet all IT security requirements internally.
  2. Security-related devices and things like network security appliances, the latest generation of firewalls or intrusion detection systems often require significant investment. Small businesses that lack the necessary budget often ignore what is really needed or consider it a low priority – at an even higher price!
  3. There is a global shortage of cybersecurity professionals. At the same time, salaries in this area are at a record high. In view of the shortage of skilled workers and the high salaries required, it is difficult to compete with large companies for security experts.

By relying on professional service providers, businesses don’t need any additional assets or personnel. They exchange inhouse technology investments for instant security, lower costs, access to unique expertise and special tools, scalability, and quick response times. Learn more about the powerful arguments for security as a service at CTV 2021!

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