Workplace as a Service (WaaS) is an easily scalable, flexible and simplified IT service for organisations of all sizes.

What is WaaS?

Workplace as a Service (WaaS) is a unique, holistic solution for small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Hardware, software, licences, services, financing and support come combined in a single, unified package with Surface devices and Microsoft 365.

WaaS provides scalable, adaptable and streamlined IT services for SMBs, with a monthly price, all managed from within the ALSO Cloud Marketplace.

Fully-functional IT infrastructure for organisations

Provide a holistic, easily-managed, scalable and secure laptop

and mobile solution via the ALSO Cloud Marketplace.

No upfront investments

Provide services on-demand with no upfront investment.

Predictable monthly costs

Supply software services when needed and hardware for as long as organisations need.

Automation for IT management

Ordering, invoicing, asset, lifecycle, and licence management

are simple and hassle-fre via the ALSO Cloud Marketplace.

Give businesses more freedom with Surface and WaaS

With Surface devices and Microsoft 365, WaaS is helping businesses optimise their financial and human resources through streamlined device selection, evaluation and deployment, as well as the administration of IT infrastructures.

By delivering improved, more consistent user experiences, WaaS and Surface devices can help businesses to:

  • Simplify device management
  • Tailor solutions to specific business needs
  • Reduce costs related to software updates and support
  • Provide remote IT solutionsEnhance security across devices and location
  • Mitigate downtime through a continuous update model

Instant support and timely replacement

Through the ALSO WaaS support package, businesses need not fear technical problems and device malfunctions. ALSO is uniquely equipped to provide technical support for every challenge, replace defective Surface devices when needed, and offer clean-up and full regulation for old and returned devices.

Looking for a WaaS solution for Surface? Talk to our experts.

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Become a WaaS partner

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