Surface Hub 2S

Enable teamwork anywhere with the new Surface Hub 2S, an all-in-one digital whiteboard, meetings platform,

and collaborative computing device that brings the power of Windows 10 to teamwork.

Modern workplaces redefined

Cooperation is crucial

More than 50% of today's activities are based on collaboration.

Source: Collaborative Overload, a study published in Harvard Business Review by Rob Cross, Reb Rebele, and Adam Grant (2016)

Increase in remote working time

70% of professionals work at least one day a week at a location other than the office.

Source: International Workplace Group (IWG), 2018.

Make any place a teamwork space

Thin and sleek, Surface Hub 2S integrates into any workspace. From conference rooms to open spaces, let workforces go wherever ideas strike with the mobile stand and battery.

With Surface Hub 2S, you can move collaboration anywhere. At only 61.6 pounds (28 kg) it’s 40% lighter than previous models.

Experience mobile, wireless, uninterrupted team collaboration with Steelcase Roam ™ Mobile Stand and APC ™ Charge Mobile Battery.

Bring remote teams together

Everyone is seen, heard, and can actively participate with 4K Surface Hub 2 Camera,1 far-field mics, crystal-clear speakers,

and a brilliant, 4K+ resolution screen.

Move beyond meetings and facilitate real collaboration

Surface Hub 2s has everything teams need. They can interact naturally thanks to the Surface Hub 2s pen and touch function, use Microsoft Whiteboard and industry-leading applications to keep teams from losing their rhythm, and share content with Miracast and access Office 365 files from any device.

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