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17-dec-2018 - Nijmegen

Per 01-01-2019 wijzigingen Mimecast

Per 01-01-2019 zullen er een aantal wijzigingen doorgevoerd worden in de ACMP inzake Mimecast. Zie onderstaande berichtgeving.

Mimecast will be suspending the old Mimecast services and introducing new Mimecast services. This means that license styles and prices will change but only on new orders. Current customers will stay on the existing contract until further notice but all new purchases will flow through the new contract.

The major changes:

  • Prices are slightly different (see pricelist)
  • Lower number of seats must be bought in “packs” – 24 Pack (1-24 users) and 49 Pack (25-49 users)
  • 50 and above can be bought per license as per usual in ACMP
  • Priceprotection will be set for 365 days

Download the full pricelist here.