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Achieve your personal target and receive a free Microsoft Headset V1

Achieve your personal target within the promotional period (25 May to 30 June) and receive a free Surface Headset V1.


After registering and logging in you will see which product you will receive when you reach your target:

  • 1x Microsoft Headset version 1

The target is determined by your recent Microsoft Surface sales. Don't forget to sign up because you can only take part in this promotion if you are signed up.

You can sign up below or view your target!

To sign up for this promotion or see your target, sign up below.

Click here to sign up

  • Only valid on invoiced sales in the promotional period from 25 May to 30 June 2020
  • Valid on the range of Surface products and Surface accessories
  • Not valid on Surface HUB products
  • Retail, ADRs and (sub)distri are excluded from participation.
  • Registration is mandatory and can only be done within the promotional period

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