Every HP product has a value-added accessory

For every HPI product there is the perfect range of accessories that enhances its performance. Your customers will want or need some of these added extras at some stage. With Attach Me, you put these accessories at the forefront of your customers’ mind at the point of sale - right where they need to be.

Below is a list of the ideal accessories for HP printers, notebooks or workstations. Just click on the product type to see a list of compatible accessories.

Docking Stations

A robust and reliable docking station bolsters connectivity for customers that connect their laptop to numerous devices, including printers or scanners.

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Everybody needs a monitor. Or two or three or a hundred. And every monitor needs a stand, a bracket, a wall mount. Make sure your customers’ offices are supplied by you.

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Graphics Cards

Keep ahead of the workload with up-to-date graphics card technology that helps boost the performance of demanding imaging processes.

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As businesses grow, so do their needs. Customers might be satisfied with the memory they have now, but there is always the chance they need more. Meet that need with a vital accessory.

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Strategies change, or accidents happen, and warranties need extending to cover both cases. HPI carepacks protect customers that wish to safeguard their data or hardware again those unforeseen IT changes that are commonplace in today’s working environment.

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Become an accessory match-maker now

Accessories represent a massive opportunity to establish your business as a reliable vendor and to increase your profits. So before you sell, always think: What HP accessories could add more value to this customer’s purchase?

Find the perfect accessory with Attach Me now Attach Me.