The Agility of Nimble

The intelligence of Infosight

HPE Nimble storage arrays at a glance

  • Available in all-flash and hybrid flash
  • 5x compression and deduplication
  • 99.9999% uptime guaranteed
  • Scales to 800 TB
  • NVMe and Storage Class Memory compatible

  • Built-in resource and backup management
  • TechTarget’s Storage Product of the Year
  • A one-box, simple to install solution with many upgrade and futureproofing options

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HPE Infosight

Imagine a system admin who works 24 hours a day, never sleeps, continuously learns from thousands of other sysadmins around the world, and never takes a salary.

Meet Infosite, HPE's AI powered sysadmin software, that continously monitors, optimizes, patches and repairs your IT stack, so you don't have to".

The Benefits of Infosight

Leverage the power of AI to automatically resolve problems and optimize theperformance of your entire stack.

App-aware reporting

Instead of reporting generically, Infosight allows you to see detailed breakdowns by application type (and even different data types for the same application, for example Oracle data vs Oracle logs).

Predictive sizing recommendations

Using the knowledge of how applications work across the entire customer base, array sizing recommendations become more accurate, even in the face of incomplete requirements.

Heuristics-based storage behavior

Using knowledge from Infosight, teach Nimble storage system how to behave in the face of complex issues, even when it’s not connected to Infosight

Automated precision troubleshooting

Things that take other company’s years to detect and fix/optimize are now tackled in a few weeks or even days.

Improved case automation

About 86% of all cases are opened automatically, and a huge percentage of them are closed automatically


Tell customers what is protected via snaps/replication, including lag times.


See relationships between apps, workload, compute storage hardware and software across your stack

Extension into cloud consumers

Provide visibility into AWS and Azure environments using HPE Cloud Volumes

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